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Revolving Door.jpg This article is part of the Revolving Door project of Spinwatch.

This category brings together individuals who have moved or attempted to move through the 'revolving door' - that is, civil servants, MPs or ministers who have taken up jobs in the private sector related to their previous public service. It also refers to people in business and lobbying who move into governmental roles related to their previous interests.

The phenomenon of the revolving door is an indication of the problem of corporate power and one of the key indicators of lobbyists' power over government. It is a global issue. In France for example, the revolving door process is called "Pantouflage" – from the French word for "slippers". Whereby former civil servants leave the government to put on the comfy slippers of corporate employment.

This category contains over 1000 profiles - another indication of how entrenched the practice has become in our politics.

Also see our profile on the UK Prime Minister's Advisory Committee on Business Appointments.


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