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Revolving Door.jpg This article is part of the Revolving Door project of Spinwatch.

This category lists profiles of military and civil service personnel, and politicians and ministers who have gone on to work in the arms and securities industries or with their hired lobbyists. We have also included some of the companies who have a habit of employing ex-government officials and politicians.

In 2017 a British National Audit Office report revealed that least 170 officials had been approved, under the government's weak Business Appointment Rules, for lucrative positions in the private sector between February 2016 to March 2017 - with not a single application turned down.

External resources

Visit CAAT's arms trade political influence browser to see hundreds more revolving door profiles and meetings between government and the arms trade

Campaign Against the Arms Trade's Political Influence Database is an excellent comprehensive resource which tracks those going through the revolving door and their meetings with government. Many of the profiles in Powerbase's arms trade lobbying portal are linked to CAAT's database and vice versa.