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Brigadier Nicholas Davies is a former senior officer within the UK Ministry of Defence who now works for Raytheon UK.

Before joining Raytheon in April 2017, he served in the British Army and Joint Forces as a communications engineer, then in the Parachute Regiment, and latterly in appointments in intelligence, cyber and electronic warfare.

Davies runs the Intelligence Solutions business area in Raytheon's Intelligence and Security division, where his responsibilities include software development and geospatial intelligence programmes. [1]

Former MOD role redacted

According to Private Eye in August 2016: Davies' 'actual role with the MoD has been "redacted" from government records, possibly because he was commander of the hush-hush Joint Forces Intelligence Group. Since the start of this year he has a new job running business strategy' for Raytheon, the hi-tech arms firm which last year announced a '£70m geospatial intelligence deal for the UK Joint Forces Intelligence Group'. [2] [3]

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