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Welcome to Powerbase - your guide to networks of power, lobbying and deceptive PR

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Powerbase is a free guide to networks of power, lobbying, public relations and the communications activities of governments and other interests. It is a project of Public Interest Investigations and Spinwatch. Read more...

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Powerbase is overseen by an editor, managing editor and associate portal editors. We have a policy of strict referencing and on dealing with corrections.

Powerbase portals

Alcohol | Arms Trade Lobbying | Brexit | Climate | Counter-Terrorism | Counterjihad | Finance Lobbying | Foodspin | Fracking | GMWatch | Health | Israel Lobby | Lobbying | MEPedia | Mining and Metals | Neoconservatives | Northern Ireland | Nuclear Spin | Pharma | Propaganda | The Revolving Door | Schools | Scotland | Spooks | State Violence and Collusion Project | Terror Expertise | Think Tanks | Water | and hosting since 2015...the Undercover Research Group |

Brexit Portal


Our guide to Brexit lobbying aims to shed light on the people and organisations jostling for position to use this 'once-in-a-lifetime opportunity' to advance their own interests.

We reveal the networks of lobbyists-for-hire and think tanks working for big business and the politicians aiding them. Read more...

Fracking Portal

{{#ev:youtube| and share: 'Meet the Frackers: a Spinwatch lobbying tour'}} Our Fracking Portal tracks the companies, people and lobbyists behind the all-out push for shale gas exploration in the UK and worldwide.

It sheds light on who is influencing the debate over fracking and the tactics used to persuade the public and our politicians. Read more...

Corporate and Police Spying on Activists Portal

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The UndercoverResearch Portal investigates corporate and police spying on activists. It aims to make public the stories about the undercover officers who have been exposed and the groups they spied upon. We also look at the police officers and units involved and how they interconnect with some of the big stories around policing in the past few decades. Read more

Arms Trade Lobbying Portal

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Our Arms Trade Lobbying Portal examines the political influence and lobbying by the arms and securities industries in the UK and beyond. It includes profiles on the revolving door, and key lobbyists and lobbying firms promoting weapons and defence equipment. Read more

Schools Portal

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Our Schools Portal examines the vast global education industry that has sprung up to profit from our schools.

It has been described as ‘the largest market opportunity’ since healthcare was privatised. 'Let's all go forth. Let's all make hay,' as one private equity investor at a 2015 UK conference succinctly put it. Read more

Propaganda, conflict and war

{{#ev:vimeo|https://|450|center|Watch: What is Propaganda? }}Powerbase focuses on communication, spin and propaganda in party politics and in war and peace. The database contains collections of articles on British propaganda, counterinsurgency, the neoconservatives, terror experts and the associated terrorism industry, which can influence public opinion and policy in the 'war on terror'. It also documents disinformation and covert action by states, intelligence agencies, and their networks. Propaganda | Terror Experts and institutions | Neoconservative networks

Regional conflicts

Israel Lobby | The Conflict in the North of Ireland | Iraq War 2003 | Targeting Iran

Industry sectors

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Powerbase history

Powerbase was originally set up by Spinwatch in 2010 in collaboration with Lobbywatch, GM Watch Red Star Research and Corporate Watch, but put into effect by a wide variety of volunteers and independent researchers.

Contributors are now working on 19,162 articles.

Disclaimer: Powerbase is an encyclopedia of people, issues and groups shaping the public agenda. It is a project of the non-profit Public Interest Investigations—email melissa.jones AT

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