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Nicholas Soames MP in Prague. Date...

Nicholas Soames has been the UK Conservative Party MP for Mid Sussex since 1983.

Soames is one of the highest paid MPs with second jobs, as a director and non-executive chairman of private security firm GardaWorld, formerly Aegis Defence Services, since January 2010.

Parliamentary career

He was the Minister of State for Armed Services from 1994 to 1997 and the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence from 2003 to 2005 [1]

In the 2015 general election Soames was re-elected with a majority of 24,286. [2] [3]

Parliamentary Activities

Soames is co-chair of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, an all-party parliamentary group which is administered by MigrationWatch and lobbyists Quiller Consultants (Registered 9 May 2011) [4]

He has declared several overseas visits paid for by foreign governments since 2013.

Overseas visits

Address of donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PO Box 21653, Doha, Qatar
Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £3,306.15 for air travel and £621.86 for accommodation; £3,928.01 in total
Destination of visit: Doha, Qatar
Date of visit: 20-22 May 2013
Purpose of visit: to attend the 13th Doha Forum. (Registered 25 June 2013)
Name of donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain
Address of donor: Manama, Bahrain
Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): Including accommodation, full board and flights: total value £3,700
Destination of visit: Bahrain
Date of visit: 5-8 December 2013
Purpose of visit: Visit organised by the Conservative Middle East Council to attend the IISS

Manama (Registered 16 December 2013)

Nicholas Soames. Source: Twitter Profile -

Circa 2014

Revolving door appointments

Between March 2013 and February 2014 Soames was the fifth highest Tory MP for outside earnings, earning £199,005. [5]

  • Non-executive Chairman at GardaWorld, formerly Aegis Defence Services. Address: 84 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1PX. Receives a monthly salary of £9,166.67 for an expected commitment of 15 hours. When the private company was revealed to have employed former Sierra Leone child-soldiers, Soames declined to comment. [6]
  • Non-executive director of Aggregated Micro Power plc (non-executive); renewable energy investment business. Address: Hasilwood House, 62 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AW. Receives £3,750 per quarter for an expected commitment of 15 hours.
  • Senior adviser at MMC Group or Marsh; insurance and related financial services. Address: Marsh Ltd, Tower Place, London, EC3R 5BU. Work includes attending meetings and advising on business opportunities. Receives a monthly salary of £7,951.25 for an expected commitment of 15 hours.
  • Senior adviser on strategic issues to Intrepid Capital Partners. Receives an annual payment of £20,008.23 for an expected commitment of 30 hours. [7]

Was a business development and strategic adviser to:

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