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Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson is a journalist and media strategist who served as director of communications to Prime Minister David Cameron from May 2010 until his resignation on 21 January 2011. He is a former editor of the News of the World.

Phone Tapping Scandal

In 2005 Coulson was the editor of The News of the World when the Sunday newspaper was involved in a phone tapping scandal involving reporters hacking into the mobile phones of members of the Royal family. According to allegations published in the New York Times:

Andy Coulson, the top editor at the time, had imposed a hypercompetitive ethos, even by tabloid standards. One former reporter called it a “do whatever it takes” mentality. The reporter was one of two people who said Coulson was present during discussions about phone hacking. Coulson ultimately resigned but denied any knowledge of hacking[1].

In June, Coulson was found guilty of conspiracy to intercept voicemails and on July 4, 2014 he was sentenced 18 months in prison.[2]


Coulson was graded a category A prisoner and placed in Belmarsh, a high-security prison. Since the case, he has been downgraded to a category D prisoner [3] and been moved an open prison. [4]

Revolving door

  • Independent consultant providing strategic communications advice. His first commission is with One Young World, March 2011. Approved by ACOBA "subject to the conditions that, for 12 months from his last day of service, he should not undertake any work which involves providing advice to any client on the terms of any bid or contract relating directly to the work of any UK Government Department or Agency, or draw on privileged information available to him as a Special Adviser for the benefit of any client, and, for 2 years from the same date, he should not become personally involved in lobbying UK Government Ministers or Crown servants, including Special Advisers, on behalf of any of his clients."[5]

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