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The Chipping Norton Set is named for the area around the Cotswolds village of Chipping Norton "where an surprisingly dense set of politicians, celebrities and high profile media names like to live", according to PrimeLocation:

This includes News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks and hubby Charlie in the village of Churchill; David Cameron, whose constituency home’s in the hamlet of Dean; Matthew Freud and Elizabeth Murdoch, and Tory director of strategy Steve Hilton, who all dwell in Burford; Jeremy Clarkson is parked south of Chipping Norton; and Blur-bassist-turned-cheesemaker, Alex James, who lives outside Kingham.[1]

An anonymous member of the set told the Mail:

'It is like the social wing of the Murdoch media empire. Rupert wields his influence through his newspaper and TV network. Elisabeth and Matthew feed off this by providing a link between the worlds of politics, business and showbusiness. Their wealth means they can provide for them all to meet in complete privacy at Burford. Behind it all is the unspoken assumption that if you are out of favour with Rupert Murdoch, you are not likely to get invited.'[2]

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