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Anthony Christopher Gallagher (born November 1951)[1] is the owner of AC Gallagher Holdings, one of the largest private development companies in the UK. AC Gallagher Holdings is the parent company for construction and property development companies Gallagher Developments and JJ Gallagher.

Labour Party Donations

Tony Gallagher pledged £100,000 to the Labour Party in March 1999, giving £4,999.99 (along with his wife Rita) just before the 2001 election. His salary in 1998 was £378,000. His personal wealth is £200 million.

Gallagher was surprised that his £4,999.99 donation had been disclosed by the Labour Party, but said "Frankly, whatever Government of the day is in power, we always work with them, because that is the name of the game." He also said that he had donated money to all the political Parties in the past, "in England we work with Labour Councils, Conservative Councils, whatever, because in the real world that's what you do, isn't it."


The Birmingham-based company (previously called Gallagher Bordesley) has planning consent for more than 12,000 homes and 3 million square feet of commercial development and was estimated to have made £24.5 million in profit in 1999. In the last 4 years, Tony Gallagher is thought to have bought out the rest of his family from the company for an eight-figure sum.

Along with Stamford Developments Ltd, he is building a £45 million retail and leisure development in Port Glasgow. JJ Gallagher are also building a warehouse and distribution centre in Walsall, a 13-screen multiplex centre at Thornbury in Bradford and the £65 million Castlegate development in Newcastle. Among other sites they own land for development in Cherwell, Oxfordshire, are involved in schemes in Linwood and Dundee, the Paxcroft Mead development in Trowbridge, and a £10 million hotel in Jamaica Street, Glasgow (see picture above). They have bought the former Rover factory site in Bathgate, West Lothian, and are seeking planning permission for a £200 million redevelopment scheme. They are also involved in the £350 million re-development of the Ethelred and China Walk council estates in Lambeth, London.

JJ Gallagher owned Wolverhampton Wanderers FC from 1986-1990 and are shareholders in Beattie (James) Ltd, a chain of 9 department stores. They gave £114,046 to the Tory Party in 1994.


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