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List of Special Advisers 2002

Downing Street 2002

Since the 2001 election, the Number 10 Policy Unit has been merged with Tony Blair's Private Office to form the Number 10 Policy Directorate, run by civil servant Jeremy Heywood. Jonathan Powell remains as Chief of Staff, Alastair Campbell has been made Director of Communications and given 2 civil service deputies who now handle lobby briefings, and Sally Morgan has been made Director of Government Relations.

  • Alastair Campbell Director of Communications and Strategy. The Prime Minister's former Official Spokesman, known as the 'real Deputy Prime Minister'. Former porn writer for Forum, he went to Cambridge University. He was Political Editor of Today and the Mirror and has worked for Tony Blair since 1994. His partner is Fiona Millar. He is paid £120,000 (£93,562 in 2000).
  • Jonathon Powell Chief of Staff
  • Sally Morgan Director of Government Relations. Tony Blair's former political secretary at No. 10, who was given a peerage after the 2001 election, but has now taken over from Anji Hunter as Director of Government Communications. She was a Labour Party Student Organiser and Senior Targetting Officer from 1985-93. She was the Labour Party's Director of Campaigns and Elections from 1993-95 and Tony Blair's Head of Party Liaison from 1995-97. Given peerage without being vetted by the House of Lords Appointment Commission.
  • Robert Hill Tony Blair's Political Secretary. Former health adviser to Tony Blair at No.10, became Political Secretary to Blair in 2001. Used to work for the Audit Commission and Capita. He was a press officer for Tony Blair before the 1997 election.
  • Andrew Adonis Policy Directorate. Former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate (and local councillor) and journalist with the Financial Times and the Observer. Education and Constitution policy adviser at No.10. He is opposed to the elitism of the 'Oxbridge' universities, although he actually studied History at Oxford University.
  • Simon Stevens Policy Directorate. Special Adviser at the DoH from 1997-2001. Former President of the Union at Oxford University and analyst for the Guyana Sugar Corporation. Former Director of East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Health Authority. Policy Adviser.
  • Peter Hyman Strategic Communications Unit Former Labour Party press officer, BBC producer and Sky News journalist. He is the Policy Directorate's media analyst. He worked as a researcher for Donald Dewar and John Smith.
  • Geoffrey Norris Policy Directorate. Used to work on transport issues (he criticised John Prescott's transport white paper as too anti-car), now specialises in trade and industry matters. He has championed the case for Post Office privatisation as the best deal for business, and "Tony adores him." He is regarded as driving an agenda of his own, championing business and determined to undermine the Unions and the Public Sector. He went to Oxford University where he was known for 'Hard-Left' tendencies.
  • Derek Scott Policy Directorate. An ex-SDP economic adviser (and parliamentary candidate), now economic adviser for the Policy Directorate. Worked as an economist for Shell from 1982-6 and for Barclays de Zoete Wedd (BZW) and the IPPR. He was paid £78,128 in 1999. In April 1996 Barclay's Bank paid for Peter Mandelson to make a 10-day trip to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, to reassure businesses that a Labour Government was no threat to them. The trip was organised by BZW, when Derek Scott was working there (and acting as a part-time adviser to Tony Blair).
  • Ed Richards Policy Directorate. Used to work as head of strategy for John Birt at the BBC, then for Gordon Brown in Opposition. His brief at the Policy Unit is to work on long-term strategy for the Labour Party's second term. Said to be consulting within the Labour Party and with Business.
  • Philip Bassett Research and Information Unit. Former Industrial Editor at the Times. Married to Baroness Symons, a Minister at the Foreign Office. He wrote the briefing paper for Tony Blair's disastrous Women's Institute speech in June 2000. He went to Oxford University.
  • Carey Oppenheim Policy Directorate. Former senior lecturer in social policy at the South Bank University and Research Director at the IPPR. She is Chair of the NEXUS Stakeholder Society Group. She used to work for the Child Poverty Action Group and as a researcher for James Callaghan.
  • Justin Russell Policy Directorate. Former Senior Manager at the Audit Commission (where Robert Hill also worked). He previously held policy and research jobs in the Labour Party Policy Unit. He went to Oxford University. Special Adviser on policy at the Home Office until the 2001 election.
  • Alastair MacGowan Policy Directorate. Special Adviser at the MOD until the 2001 election. Former Research Assistant to Martin O'Neill (Energy) and George Robertson (Scottish Secretary) in Opposition. He went to Oxford University.
  • Sarah Hunter Policy Directorate. Part of the team that travelled with Tony Blair on his 2001 election campaign bus, worked for the Labour Party in Opposition. In the past she has worked for Peter Mandelson and for the BBC's policy directorate.
  • Roger Liddle Foreign Policy Adviser. A founding member of (and parliamentary candidate for) the SDP. Former Director of Prima Europe PR consultancy. He was paid £78,128 in 1999. He went to Oxford University, and specialises in European policy issues.
  • Liz Lloyd Foreign Policy Adviser. A researcher for Tony Blair since he became leader of the Labour Party. Former partner of Ed Miliband, she shares a flat with James Purnell. Used to specialise in Environment (she was connected with the 'Biotechnology Presentation Group' of Government Ministers, set up in 1999 to sell pro-GM policies to the media), but now covers Home Affairs. Sits on Crime Reduction Task Force. She is paid £70,000. She went to Cambridge University.
  • Fiona Millar Director of Events. Special Adviser in No.10 until the 2001 election in what used to be the 'Social Unit'. Alastair Campbell's partner. Former journalist for the Express. She is Cherie Blair's assistant and handles her PR, as well as organising Tony Blair's visits. She is paid about £75,000.
  • Hilary Coffman Special Adviser/Press Officer at Downing Street (she resigned temporarily to accompany Blair on the 2001 election campaign). Used to be married to David Seymour, who was Alastair Campbell's Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror, now married to David Hill.
  • David Bradshaw Strategic Communications Unit. Former Deputy Political Editor at the Mirror, working for Alastair Campbell. Worked at Millbank during the 1997 election campaign, and has been working at No.10 ever since.
  • Kate Garvey Worked for Tony Blair in Opposition, then became Blair's Private Secretary until she temporarily resigned to work on the 2001 election campaign tour, returning to No.10 after the election.
  • Catherine Rimmer Former colleague of Bill Bush at the Political Research Department of the BBC.
  • Carl Sobhan Former member of the Media Monitoring Unit at the Labour Party's Millbank HQ, nicknamed the Ministry of Truth. Alongside Chris McShane, he was appointed in January 2000 as a Special Adviser in Downing Street. He is paid approximately £70,000.
  • Chris McShane Former member of the Media Monitoring Unit at the Labour Party's Millbank HQ with Carl Sobhan. He is paid approximately £70,000.
  • Joanna Nadin Member of the Labour Party's Policy Unit at Millbank until becoming a Special Adviser after the 2001 election.
  • Patrick Diamond Former Special Adviser to Peter Mandelson, when he was Northern Ireland Secretary. Former Chairman of Labour Students, he stood for Cambridge Council in 1998 and lost. Director of New Labour magazine 'Progress' and member of the Steering Committee of the Labour Renewal Network. Responsible for issues concerning public services.
  • Matthew Elson Policy Directorate. Joined the Policy Directorate in January 2002 from McKinseys, the management consultants that has many links with the Labour Government. Transport policy adviser.


  • Ed Balls Former leader-writer for the FT. Went to Oxford University and Harvard. Earns £60,000 and is known as the 'Deputy Chancellor'. Married to Health Minister Yvette Cooper. He worked with Gordon Brown in opposition from 1994, coming up with the blueprint for the independent Bank of England and caused a row when Brown made him Chief Economic Adviser to the Treasury, bypassing official procedures. Click on the picture for more information.
  • Ed Miliband Former television researcher. He went to Oxford University and was an adviser to Harriet Harman in opposition. His brother David is head of the Downing Street Policy Unit. He is the former partner of Liz Lloyd, also from the Policy Unit.
  • Sue Nye Old friend of Gordon Brown, she has always worked for the Labour Party. She runs Brown's private office and is married to Gavyn Davies, millionaire Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs and member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee. They live in a large house in Islington and have another one in Devon. Sue Nye was born in Zimbabwe and went to Cambridge University. She works for Brown unpaid.
  • Ian Austin Ian Austin, former Deputy Director of Communications for the Scottish Labour Party (working for Gordon Brown), he was brought in as Brown's spin-doctor as a replacement for Charlie Whelan in June 1999. He had previously been the Labour Party's West Midlands Press Officer, since 1995.
  • Spencer Livermore Worked in Gordon Brown's Economics Secretariat before the 1997 election and as political adviser to Andrew Smith when he was Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, now Special Adviser to the Chief Secretary of the Treasury. He went to Oxford University and the London School of Economics.
  • Nicola Murphy Special Adviser to the Chief Secretary of the Treasury. Former Chief Political Research Officer for the Labour Party.

Treasury Council of Economic Advisers

  • Chris Wales A former City accountant who secretly worked with Ed Balls before the 1997 election, developing the new Labour Government's first budget. Former adviser to Geoffrey Robinson. He was a tax partner at Arthur Andersen, head of a team who toured the City drumming up support for the Labour Party before the 1997 election, after which he immediately joined the Treasury.
  • Paul Gregg As well as working for Gordon Brown, Paul Gregg works part-time as a Senior Research Associate at the London School of Economics and as a Reader in Economics at the University of Bristol. Before joining the LSE in 1995, he worked at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research from 1987.
  • Shriti Vadera Former Executive Director at Warburg Dillon Read, where she worked on banking and privatisation teams. She is an expert on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) deals. She is the Treasury's top negotiator in the PPP scheme to part-privatise the London tube network, telling London transport commissioner Bob Kiley she 'could not sanction public control of the tube under any circumstances' on February 12th 2001.
  • Maeve Sherlock Former Director of the National Council for One Parent Families. She was a member of the National Union of Students Executive from 1985-1998 including as President from 1988-90.
  • Dr Stewart Wood Professor in Politics at Oxford University (he is on leave until 2004). Went to Harvard University in the USA and is an organiser of the 'Third Way' think-tank Nexus, which has co-ordinated research for the former No. 10 Policy Unit.

Cabinet Office

  • Sue Jackson Former Labour Party Campaigns Officer and Head of Administration in Tony Blair's Office. A career Labour Party official.
  • Margaret Ounsley Former Labour councillor in Reading who then worked for the Local Government Association. Former History teacher.
  • David Mathieson Special Adviser at the Foreign Office until the 2001 election, now Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Commons. Former solicitor with Clifford Chance. A Party Political Appointee, paid for by the Labour Party.
  • Meg Russell Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Commons. Senior Research Fellow at the Constitution Unit of the University College London (also responsible for PR). A former National Women's Officer in the Labour Party and Parliamentary Researcher for Clare Short (in Opposition).
  • Greg Power Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Commons. Former Director of the Hansard Society's Parliament and Government Programme and Head of the Parliamentary Unit at Charter 88.
  • Matthew Seward Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Lords. Former Home Affairs Policy Officer for the Labour Party. He went to Hull University.
  • Deborah Lincoln Special Adviser to the Leader of the House of Lords. Formerly Director of Communications at Macmillan Cancer Relief and a former National Women's Officer in the Labour Party.
  • Fiona Gordon Special Adviser to the Chief Whip, Hilary Armstrong. Former West Midlands Regional Director for the Labour Party.
  • Joe McCrea Knowledge Network Project Joe McCrea was the former Special Adviser to Frank Dobson from 1997-9 (he also worked for Dobson in opposition for 4 years). He is now the Project Manager of the Knowledge Network Project (KNP) at the Cabinet Office. He is said to have ordered the playing of New Labour's favourite song "Things can only get better" at his wedding reception in 1999! Click on the image for more information.

Forward Strategy Unit

The Cabinet Office Forward Strategy Unit was set up after the 2001 election to work on policy and strategy projects. It is run by former Special Adviser Geoff Mulgan. There are a number of people working in the Unit as unpaid advisers:

  • Dr Arnab Banerji Chief Investment Officer at Foreign &Colonial Management Ltd. He is responsible for investment management, policy decision-making and asset allocation. Previously he was Chief of Staff at Citibank Global Asset Management.
  • Nick Lovegrove Director at McKinsey & Company, co-leader of the Global Media and Entertainment Practice (in charge of 200 consultants around the world), in the past he has advised Gordon Brown on productivity and competitiveness. McKinsey have held seminars on productivity at Downing Street. He is working with the DCMS, looking at the effect of technology on broadcasting.
  • Penny Hughes Former President of Coca Cola Great Britain and Ireland. Non-Executive Director of Vodaphone, Enodis, Swedish bank SEB and Trinity Mirror.
  • Adair Turner Vice-Chairman of Merrill Lynch and former Director-General of the CBI. In the past he has worked for BP, Chase Manhattan Bank and McKinsey & Company. He went to Cambridge University, where he was Chairman of the Conservative Association. Joined the SDP in the 1980's. He sat on the Government's Skills Task Force and the DTI's Competitiveness Advisory Group. He is examining the "supply side" of the NHS.

Deputy Prime Minister

  • Ian McKenzie Special Adviser in the Cabinet Office until the 2001 election. Worked as an adviser to Ann Taylor (former Chief Government Whip) in opposition. Former Head of PR at the Southampton Institute (a higher education college). Former President of the University of East Anglia Student's Union.
  • Joan Hammell Special Adviser at the DETR from 1997-2001. She has worked for John Prescott since 1994. Before that she worked for Neil Kinnock, Ann Taylor and Frank Field.
  • Anna Healy Worked as Senior Consultant for Strategic Communications at lobbyists GPC (alongside Joy Johnson, former head of Party communications) until the 2001 election, and previously as Press and Strategic Communications Co-ordinator for Carlton Television. Former adviser to Jack Cunningham and Mo Mowlam, before that she worked as Senior Parliamentary Press Officer for the Labour Party for 6 years. Working part-time for John Prescott.
  • Paul Hackett Special Adviser at the DETR from 1997-2001. Previously worked at the Cranfield School of Management and the TUC (remains a Research Fellow at Cranfield University). He was caught on film in 1998 trying to get the Lobbyist Derek Draper to publicise a report he had written for Cranfield, in return for a favour Draper was asking him. Working part-time for John Prescott.

Department of Trade and Industry

  • Jim Godfrey He is a former PR manager for the IPPR (where he worked one day a week for Patricia Hewitt). He worked on Frank Dobson's campaign to be mayor of London and joined the Labour Party's Millbank team as a Senior Press Officer in 2000 and worked on the 2001 election campaign.
  • Kitty Usher Former Chief Economist at the Britain in Europe group.
  • Roger Sharp Former Head of Business Liaison for the Labour Party at Millbank. Previously worked at lobbyists GJW Government Relations. A Manchester City fan, he is working for the DTI part-time.

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

  • Ruth MacKenzie Has worked in the Arts since the 80's, including at the Arts Council. General Director of Scottish Opera from 1997-9, during which time it was within 48 hours of bankruptcy and was criticised by an all-party committee for 'wholly inadequate' management. She was also on the board of the Dome's New Milliennium Experience Company from 1997-99. She went to Cambridge University.
  • Bill Bush Special Adviser in the Research and Intelligence Unit at N0.10 until the 2001 election. Former Head of Political Research at the BBC and former aide to Ken Livingstone at the GLC.

Department for Education and Skills

  • Dr William Cavendish Lecturer in Economics at Imperial College and local councillor in Oxford. He was the Head of Policy for the Labour Party until being made a Special Adviser. He is a specialist in privatisation and a member of the New Local Government Network alongside Paul Corrigan.
  • Chris Boffey Former News Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and had previously worked at the Sunday Mirror, the News of the World and the Daily Star.

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  • Nicci Collins (Previously Nicci Russell) Special Adviser at the Cabinet Office until the 2001 election. Former Westminster Labour councillor. She went to Cambridge University. Has worked for Margaret Beckett for more than 5 years.
  • Sheila Watson Special Adviser at the Cabinet Office until the 2001 election. Deputy Director of the Centre for Local Economic Strategies in Manchester. Has worked for Margaret Beckett since 1990 and is a former researcher for the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Went to Oxford University with Andrew Hood.

Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions

  • Dan Corry Special Adviser at the DTI from 1997-2001. He is a former Employment (1984-86) and Treasury (1986-89) economist for the Tories and Chief of Economics at the IPPR. He was Head of the Labour Party's Economic Secretariat from 1989-1992. He went to Oxford University.
  • Michael Dugher Unsuccessful Labour candidate at the 2001 election. He is the former Head of Policy at the AEEU and speech-writer to Frank Dobson. Former National Chair of Labour Students and regional convenor for the NUS in the East Midlands, during which time the Warwick University Labour Club suggested they would "almost start to think he was actually a maniacal, power-hungry psycopath who'd willingly screw over anyone to get his corrupt and mentally deficient mates elected" as delegates to a Labour Students conference.

Home Office

  • Nick Pearce Special Adviser at the DfEE until the 2001 election, he worked for David Blunkett and Ann Taylor in Opposition. Former Director of Education at the IPPR.
  • Sophie Linden Special Adviser at the DfEE until the 2001 election, she also worked for David Blunkett in Opposition for 5 years. She went to Cambridge University. Working part-time at the Home Office.
  • Katherine Raymond Former Director of the Social Market Foundation, a right wing think-tank. She believes that private schools should have a greater role in teaching State pupils and that when it comes to private firms running schools and hospitals, "it doesn't matter who provides services".
  • Huw Evans Labour Party Regional Press Officer for Wales until the 2001 election.
  • Kevin Bond Head of Police Standards Unit Managing Director of US-based "environmental engineering" company. In 1998, when he was Managing Director of Yorkshire Water he received a pay rise of 69% (to £298,000). Former Chief Superintendent of West Mercia Police. Technically not a Special Adviser, but paid £200,000 which is considerably above the maximum payable to civil servants.
  • Andrew Hood Former Special Adviser to Robin Cook at the Foreign Office. He went to Oxford University (with Sheila Watson). Co-wrote a book on the Constitution with Tony Benn.
  • Richard Taylor Member of the Labour Party Policy Unit at Millbank until the 2001 election.

Department of Health

  • Darren Murphy Special Adviser at the DETR from 1997-2001. Newcastle Councillor. Former Treasurer of Labour Students and Lobbyist for European Economic Development Services. Adviser on Press and Parliamentary Relations.
  • Professor Paul Corrigan Husband of Chief Whip, Hilary Armstrong. He is the Executive Director of the New Local Government Network (NLGN) and the Executive Director of the Public Management Foundation, both of which support an increase in private-sector involvement in Local Government. The NLGN has been described as pushing "anti-democratic measures on behalf of private interests" and is funded to the tune of £500,00 a year by companies that include Amec, Jarvis, Sodexho and Serco, all of which have won major NHS contracts.

Department of Work and Pensions

Kieran Simpson Special Adviser at the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food until the 2001 election. Long-term aide of Nick Brown. He worked in Gordon Brown's economic team in Opposition. Former Chair of Scottish Labour Students at Edinburgh University. Simpson currently works for Scottish and Newcastle and has responsibility for their corporate social responsibility strategy his official title is Public Affairs and Government Manager.

Lord Chancellor's Department

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • Ed Owen Former Special Adviser at the Home Office, he has worked for Jack Straw since 1993. Former journalist on the Stockport Messenger.
  • Dr Michael C. Williams Former Senior Consultant at the Office of the High Commissioner, UNHCR. Senior Spokesman for the UN Force in the former Yugoslavia.

Department for International Development


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