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Susan Nye or Baroness Nye of Lambeth is the former director of government relations and former diary secretary to ex-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. [1] In May 2010 Nye was named a life peer in the Dissolution Honours List. On 19 July 2010 she became a Labour Party Peer, as Baroness Nye, of Lambeth in the London Borough of Lambeth. [2]


An old friend of Gordon Brown, she has always worked for the Labour Party. She ran Brown's private office and is married to Gavyn Davies, millionaire Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs and member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee. They live in a large house in Islington and have another one in Devon. Sue Nye was born in Zimbabwe and went to Cambridge University. She works for Brown unpaid.

She was made a peer in the 2010 dissolution honours. [3]


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