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Stewart Wood at Policy Exchange 2015

Dr Stewart Wood is a shadow minister without portfolio in the shadow cabinet and a strategic adviser to Ed Miliband. Wood is described as his "closest frontbench friend and ally, the most trusted and longest-serving member of Miliband’s tight-knit, inner circle".[1] Wood is the former foreign affairs adviser to Gordon Brown [2]


A former Professor in Politics at Oxford University. Wood went to Harvard University in the USA and is an organiser of the 'Third Way' think-tank Nexus, which has co-ordinated research for the former No.10 Policy Unit.

Wood was a Special Adviser to the Treasury under Gordon Brown and subsequently a special advisor to Brown as Prime Minister.[3]

Whilst working for Brown, Wood bonded with Milliband and convinced him to oppose his brother, David, in the Labour leadership race in 2010. Wood is also said to have been the main man behind Milliband's campaign.[1]

In 2011 he became Stewart Wood, Baron Wood of Anfield and joined the House of Lords as a life Peer. [4]



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