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Britain in Europe was a lobby group pressing for European Integration and Busines dominance. It was funded by Transnational corporations.

Non to the Neoliberal constitution

Following the decisive votes against the neoliberal European Constitution in France and the Netherlands in 2005 Britain in Europe shut up shop and directed visitors to its website to the website of the European Movement.

Here is their statement, dated 17-Aug-2005:

The Way Ahead
Following the NO votes in France and the Netherlands, and the shelving of plans for a UK referendum, Britain in Europe took the decision to review it's future.
The current debate within the EU regarding its direction and purpose means that there is unlikely to be a referendum in the UK in the foreseeable future. We believe that the evolving debate in the UK should be undertaken from a fresh perspective and with open minds. Therefore, it has been decided that this is an appropriate moment to consolidate some of our own operations with those of our sister organisation, the European Movement. So Britain in Europe will, in effect, cease campaigning.
However, in the face of a hostile press and a well-funded eurosceptic lobby, there is still much to do to improve public understanding and engagement in the importance of Britain's membership of the EU, not least in relation to our country's future prosperity and security. We hope that all our supporters will continue to make the case for Britain in Europe and that, when a new consensus on the future direction of the EU is reached, we will all once again join forces to ensure that Britain remains at its heart.
Britain in Europe wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all those that have supported the campaign over the last six years.


This list is from 2002. 'Since our launch we have received donations of £5,000 or more (cash or in-kind) from':



^ Britain in Europe Website 2002 Accessible on the Internet Archive