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Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman has been the Labour Party member of Parliament (MP) for Peckham and subsequently Camberwell and Peckham since 1997. She is a former shadow deputy prime minister and acting leader of the Labour Party, after Ed Miliband stepped down until Jeremy Corbyn was elected in September 2015.

Harman was re-elected in the 2015 general election with 63.3 percent of the vote and a majority of 25,824.[1]

Parliamentary roles

Her parliamentary career has included positions as: Shadow Minister (Health) 1984-87, Shadow Spokesperson (Health) 1987-92, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury 1992-94, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 1994-95, Shadow Secretary of State for Health 1995-96, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions 1996-97, Secretary of State for Social Security and Minister for Women 1997-98, Solicitor General (Law Officers) 2001-05, Minister of State (Department of Constitutional Affairs) 2005-07, Minister of State (Ministry of Justice) 2007-07, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal 2007-10, Minister of State (Government Equalities Office) 2007-10, Acting Leader of the Opposition 2010-10, Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 2010-, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development 2010-11, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (also Shadow Deputy Prime Minister) 2011-.[2]

In January 2008, The Herald (Glasgow) hinted at a 'continuing' investigation by the Electoral Commission in regard to a 'proxy gift to Harriet Harman's deputy leadership campaign'[3]

Special adviser and aides



Charlotte Baker | Mariam Boakwe Dankya | Ruth Cover | Clare Gosbee | Warda Hassan | Erin Lewis | Sham Tsegai [5]

Failure to declare family links to lobbying

Under new rules brought in in 2015, MPs must disclose all family members engaged in lobbying the public sector, however Harman failed to mention her son Joe Dromey is head of policy and research at Involvement and Participation Association, who work with policy makers to achieve change in the workplace.[6]




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