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== Terrorism Experts ranked according to internet pages ==
== Terrorism Experts ranked according to internet pages ==
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" border="1" align="center">
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" border="1" align="center">
<tr><td> </td> <td> '''Name of Expert''' </td> <td> '''Search terms used''' </td> <td> '''Approximate no. of pages returned''' </td></tr> <tr><td> 1 </td> <td>[[Noam Chomsky]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Noam Chomsky" </td><td> 1,130,000 </td></tr>
<tr><td>&nbsp;</td> <td> '''Name of Expert''' </td> <td> '''Search terms used''' </td> <td> '''Approximate no. of pages returned''' </td></tr> <tr><td> 1 </td> <td>[[Noam Chomsky]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Noam Chomsky" </td><td> 1,130,000 </td></tr>
<tr><td> 2 </td> <td>[[Daniel Pipes]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Daniel Pipes" </td><td> 769,000 </td></tr>
<tr><td> 2 </td> <td>[[Daniel Pipes]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Daniel Pipes" </td><td> 769,000 </td></tr>
<tr><td> 3 </td> <td>[[Michael Ledeen]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Michael Ledeen" OR "Michael A. Ledeen" </td><td> 160,000 </td></tr>
<tr><td> 3 </td> <td>[[Michael Ledeen]]</td> <td> Terrorism “Michael Ledeen" OR "Michael A. Ledeen" </td><td> 160,000 </td></tr>

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Below is a table of the 100 most prominent Terrorism Experts on the internet. 212 names were taken from the Bulk List of experts and then Googled on 10 January according to the search terms in the second column below.

This list is one of a number compiled including:

Terrorism Experts ranked according to internet pages

  Name of Expert Search terms used Approximate no. of pages returned
1 Noam Chomsky Terrorism “Noam Chomsky" 1,130,000
2 Daniel Pipes Terrorism “Daniel Pipes" 769,000
3 Michael Ledeen Terrorism “Michael Ledeen" OR "Michael A. Ledeen" 160,000
4 Benjamin Netanyahu Terrorism “Benjamin Netanyahu" OR "Binyamin Netanyahu" 123,000
5 Michael Scheuer Terrorism “Michael Scheuer" 104,000
6 John O'Neill Terrorism “John O'Neill" OR "John P. O'Neill" OR "John Patrick O'Neill" 94,800
7 Walid Shoebat Terrorism “Walid Shoebat" 92,700
8 Alan Dershowitz Terrorism “Alan Dershowitz" OR "Alan M. Dershowitz" 83,000
9 Tariq Ramadan Terrorism “Tariq Ramadan" 64,700
10 Cass Sunstein Terrorism “Cass Sunstein" OR "Cass R. Sunstein" 61,600
11 Jeane Kirkpatrick Terrorism “Jeane Kirkpatrick" OR "Jeane J. Kirkpatrick" 57,000
12 Francis Fukuyama Terrorism “Francis Fukuyama" 54,700
13 Richard Adams Terrorism “Richard Adams” OR “Richard E. Adams” OR "R.E. Adams" 53,400
14 Peter Clarke Terrorism “Peter Clarke" 49,900
15 Michael Walzer Terrorism “Michael Walzer" OR "M. Walzer" 49,800
16 Graham Allison Terrorism “Graham Allison" 48,200
17 Adam Roberts Terrorism “Adam Roberts" OR "A Roberts" 43,000
18 Brian Jenkins Terrorism “Brian Jenkins" OR "Brian Michael Jenkins" OR "Brian M. Jenkins" 42,100
19 Bruce Hoffman Terrorism “Bruce Hoffman" 39,200
20 Daniel Benjamin Terrorism “Daniel Benjamin" 37,300
21 Olivier Roy Terrorism “Olivier Roy" 37,100
22 Paul Pillar Terrorism “Paul Pillar" OR "Paul R. Pillar" 32,800
23 Patrick Clawson Terrorism “Patrick Clawson" OR "Patrick L. Clawson" 32,300
24 Sidney Jones Terrorism “Sidney Jones" 31,600
25 John Murphy Terrorism “John Murphy" OR "John F. Murphy" 27,800
26 Rohan Gunaratna Terrorism “Rohan Gunaratna" 27,500
27 Paul Wilkinson Terrorism “Paul Wilkinson" 25,900
28 Samuel Francis Terrorism “Samuel Francis" OR "Sam Francis" OR "Samuel T. Francis" 24,600
29 Walter Laqueur Terrorism “Walter Laqueur" 24,100
30 Jonathan Evans Terrorism “Jonathan Evans" 22,200
31 Jessica Stern Terrorism “Jessica Stern" 20,600
32 Fouad Ajami Terrorism “Fouad Ajami" 20,400
33 Yonah Alexander Terrorism “Yonah Alexander" 20,200
34 Evan Kohlmann Terrorism “Evan Kohlmann" OR "Evan F. Kohlmann" 19,500
35 Patrick Mercer Terrorism “Patrick Mercer" 17,900
36 Alexis Debat Terrorism “Alexis Debat" 17,800
37 Donald Henderson Terrorism “Donald Henderson" OR "Donald A. Henderson" OR "D.A. Henderson" 17,100
38 Michael Johnson Terrorism “Michael Johnson" OR "Michael P. Johnson" OR "M.P. Johnson" 17,100
39 Edwin Bakker Terrorism “Edwin Bakker" OR Edwin E. Bakker 16,800
40 Steve Emerson Terrorism “Steve Emerson" OR "Steven Emerson" 16,700
41 Arnaud de Borchgrave Terrorism “Arnaud de Borchgrave" 16,200
42 Michael Osterholm Terrorism “Michael Osterholm “ OR "Michael T. Osterholm “ 15,700
43 William Colby Terrorism “William Colby" OR "William E. Colby" 13,800
44 M. Cherif Bassiouni Terrorism “David Barsamian" 13,400
45 Robert Moss Terrorism “Robert Moss" 12,700
46 Martin Scheinin Terrorism “Martin Scheinin" 12,700
47 Daniel Byman Terrorism “Daniel Byman" OR "Daniel L. Byman" 11,700
48 Howard Kunreuther Terrorism “Howard Kunreuther" 11,600
49 Boaz Ganor Terrorism “Boaz Ganor" 11,100
50 Lawrence Eagleburger Terrorism “Lawrence Eagleburger" OR "Lawrence S. Eagleburger" 10,300
51 Jeffrey Record Terrorism “Jeffrey Record" 10,100
52 Conor Cruise O'Brien Terrorism “Conor O'Brien" OR "Conor Cruise O'Brien" 9,770
53 Peter R Neumann Terrorism “Peter Neumann" OR "Peter R Neumann" 9,590
54 M. Cherif Bassiouni Terrorism “Cherif Bassiouni" 9,560
55 Richard Pipes Terrorism “Richard Pipes" 9,560
56 John Ikenberry Terrorism “John Ikenberry" 9,540
57 Kevin O'Brien Terrorism “Kevin O'Brien" OR "Kevin A. O’Brien" 7,840
58 Jonathan Stevenson Terrorism “Jonathan Stevenson" 7,780
59 Scott Atran Terrorism “Scott Atran" 6,860
60 Martha Crenshaw Terrorism “Martha Crenshaw" 6,830
61 Eqbal Ahmad Terrorism “Eqbal Ahmad" 6,520
62 Loretta Napoleoni Terrorism “Loretta Napoleoni" 6,260
63 Todd Sandler Terrorism “Todd Sandler" 6,100
64 Steve Simon Terrorism “Steve Simon" OR "Steven Simon" 5,920
65 Neil Doyle Terrorism “Neil Doyle" 5,850
66 Ted Gurr Terrorism “Ted Gurr" OR "Ted R. Gurr" OR "Ted Robert Gurr" 5,270
67 Augustus Norton Terrorism “Augustus Norton" OR "Augustus Richard Norton" OR "Augustus R. Norton" 4,850
68 Charles Townshend Terrorism “Charles Townshend" OR "C. Townshend" 4,770
69 Frances Townsend Terrorism “Frances Townsend" OR "Frances Fragos Townsend" OR "Frances F. Townsend 4,630
70 James Harris Terrorism “James R. Harris" OR "Jim Harris" OR "J.R. Harris" 4,450
71 Leonard Weinberg Terrorism “Leonard Weinberg" 4,180
72 Ami Pedahzur Terrorism “Ami Pedahzur" 4,090
73 Aryeh Neier Terrorism “Aryeh Neier" 3,710
74 Ariel Merari Terrorism “Ariel Merari" 3,660
75 Tara O'Toole Terrorism “Tara O'Toole" 3,570
76 Fernando Reinares Terrorism “Fernando Reinares" 3,420
77 Hsinchun Chen Terrorism “Hsinchun Chen” OR “Hsinchun C. Chen” OR "H.C. Chen" 3,330
78 Walter Enders Terrorism “Walter Enders" 3,240
79 Neil Livingstone Terrorism “Neil Livingstone" OR "Neil C. Livingstone" 3,190
80 Claire Sterling Terrorism “Claire Sterling" 2,690
81 Alex P. Schmid Terrorism “Alex Schmid" OR "Alex P. Schmid" 2,550
82 AG Noorani Terrorism “AG Noorani" 2,400
83 Michel Wieviorka Terrorism “Michel Wieviorka" 2,390
84 Clive Walker Terrorism “Clive Walker" OR "C Walker" 2,310
85 Adrian Guelke Terrorism “Adrian Guelke" 2,240
86 David Franz Terrorism “David Franz" OR "David R. Franz" 2,180
87 Simon Wessely Terrorism “Simon Wessely" 2,050
88 Jialun Qin Terrorism “Jialun Qin" OR "Jialun L. Qin" OR "J.L. Qin" 2,030
89 Michael Stohl Terrorism “Michael Stohl" OR "M. Stohl" 1,940
90 J Bowyer-Bell Terrorism “Bowyer-Bell" 1,890
91 Brian Crozier Terrorism “Brian Crozier" 1,880
92 Ian Lesser Terrorism “Ian Lesser" OR "Ian O. Lesser" 1,840
93 Richard Clutterbuck Terrorism “Richard Clutterbuck" OR "Richard L. Clutterbuck" OR "Richard Lewis Clutterbuk" 1,820
94 Benjamin Cole Terrorism “Benjamin Cole" 1,820
95 Xavier Raufer Terrorism “Xavier Raufer" 1,780
96 Ray Cline Terrorism “Ray Cline" OR "Ray S. Cline" 1,710
97 Paul Henze Terrorism “Paul Henze" OR "Paul B. Henze" 1,700
98 Neil Smelser Terrorism “Neil Smelser" OR "Neil J. Smelser" OR "N.J. Smelser" 1,660
99 Clark McCauley Terrorism “Clark McCauley" OR "Clark R. McCauley" OR "Clark Richard McCauley" 1,640
100 Charles Figley Terrorism “Charles Figley" OR "Charles R. Figley" OR "C.R. Figley" 1,620