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Sandler is a prolific author of academic papers on terrorism applying game theory and Public choice economic theory to the phenomenon. He is on the editorial boards of Terrorism and Political Violence and the Annual Editions of Violence and Terrorism. His 'heroes' include theorists of 'Public choice' economics such as John Nash and James M. Buchanan as well as Leon Walras, Jon Cauley, Mancur Olson, William S. Vickrey and Avinash Dixit[1]

According to a biographical note on his own website:

Professor Sandler applies theoretical and empirical models of economics to the study of international political economy, defense, environmental issues, and public finance. He is particularly interested in the application of game theory (noncooperative and cooperative) and microeconomics to issues in international relations... In a series of innovative papers since 1983, he applied theoretic and empirical methods to the study of international terrorism... He is also working on new papers on transnational terrorism, global public goods, and a new book on The Political Economy of Terrorism.[2]


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Publications, papers


  • Global Collective Action (Cambridge, 2004),
  • Regional Public Goods: Typologies, Provision, Financing, and Development Assistance (Almqvist & Wicksell International, 2002),
  • Economic Concepts for the Social Sciences (Cambridge University Press, 2001, translated into Chinese and Russian),
  • The Political Economy of NATO (Cambridge 1999 with Keith Hartley);
  • The Theory of Externalities, Public Goods, and Clubs Goods, 2nd Ed. (Cambridge 1996 with Richard Cornes);
  • The Economics of Defense (Cambridge 1995 with Keith Hartley, translated into Japanese);
  • Handbook of Defense Economics (North-Holland 1995 co-edited with Keith Hartley, translated into Chinese); and
  • Collective Action: Theory and Applications (University of Michigan 1992).

Papers on terrorism

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