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Leave Means Leave is a lobby group set up in the wake of the EU referendum to campaign for a 'hard' Brexit, including leaving the European single market and ending free movement.

Its slogan is 'the campaign for a clean Brexit'. Among its supporters are Nigel Lawson, Conservative peer and founder of the climate sceptic Global Warming Policy Foundation, and Tory MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and John Redwood.

Leave Means Leave and its ilk have been described as 'the British equivalent of America’s National Rifle Association': they are well funded; deeply entrenched in their respective countries’ establishments; and wield enormous influence, despite their views being minority ones; and both view anything that smacks of compromise as the thin end of the wedge.[1]


Spokespeople for Leave Means Leave are regularly quoted in the British press.

It also produced a report in September 2017 New Model Economy For A Post-Brexit Britain, co-published with Labour Leave and Economists for Free Trade.


Political advisory board


Listed supporters of Leave Means Leave (as of Nov 2017) are mainly Euroskeptic Conservative Party MPs, including those pushed out of government by the prime minister :[2]