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Martin Paisner (born 1 September 1943) was until 2020 a partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner, a company which traces part of its origins to a firm set up by in 1932 by Paisner’s father, Leslie Paisner, which represented major clients Penguin Books, Great Universal Stores and Forte Holdings in the 1940s and 1950s. The company is a result of the 2001 merger between Berwin Leighton and Paisner & Co. [1]

In 2018, Bryan Cave merged with Berwin Leighton Paisner to create Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP, led by Lisa Mayhew and Therese Pritchard. In 2020 Martin Paisner joined Payne Hicks Beach and became a partner there.[2]


Paisner was educated at St Paul’s School, London 1956-1961 between the ages of 13 and 18, then spent a year at the Sorbonne, Paris 1961-1962. He gained an MA Worcester College, University of Oxford 1962-1965 and then an LLM at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA 1966-1967.[3]


Paisner’s father, Leslie Paisner, founded Paisner & Co, which eventually became Leighton Berwin Paisner, when he retired he passed on his charitable trust to Martin and LBP to Martin’s brother Harold.

Harold is the managing partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner, president of Ben-Gurion University and chairman of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Harold's son (Martin's nephew), Jonathan Paisner, is also a trained lawyer. He has worked at Leighton Berwin Paisner, Shore Capital Group and Puma Investments and currently works at Mathias Gentle Page Hassan, NetScientific and LMN Capital Partners.


Paisner qualified as a solicitor in January 1970 and became a partner at Paisner & Co in 1972. In 1976, when his father, Leslie Paisner, the founder of Paisner & Co, retired the Paisner brothers took on extra responsibility with Martin appointed head of his father’s trusts practice and Harold becoming managing partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner. [4] Paisner specializes in charity law and private client practice, and, according to the firm, has been 'instrumental in developing the firm’s acknowledged role as a leading adviser to charities.'[5]

In April 2015, former MD Neville Eisenberg will replace Paisner as senior partner of BLP. Paisner is understood to not be leaving the firm and will be taking up a new role but as of March 2015 the new role has not been announced.[6]


Tony Blair

In 2002 Paisner was revealed as one of the two trustees of the blind trust set up by Tony Blair and Cherie Blair, with Martin Kaye an accountant at BDO Stoy Hayward who has written for the think tank, Demos, named as the other. The trust was set up by the former prime minister and his wife to protect them from conflicting interests in their private financial affairs. Berwin Leighton Paisner have been involved in more than 100 government contracts, signifying a potential conflict of interest for Paisner. He denied any involvement in the firm’s government work and that he could not discuss the trust, saying “You’re trespassing on matters that I don’t feel it’s right for me to comment on at all”, “these are professional matters”. Lord Levy, Blair’s key party fundraiser and a member of the prime minister’s inner circle, helped raise money for the blind trust, and is said to be close to both Blair and Paisner having all met in through the charity Jewish Care. The details on the two trustees were revealed by Tim Stanley, a spokesman for Edward Ware Homes, the property company that sold two flats in Bristol to the trust in the incident dubbed ‘Cheriegate’, said the two trustees of the flats were listed as Martin Kaye and Martin David Paisner, something that was confirmed by Lloyds TSB bank.[7]

Valentine Rare Books

In 2007 it was announced Martin was being sued by Valentine Rare Books for £400,000 in relation to an alleged breach of contract relating to a £2million book collection. Valentine Rare Books claims it was given a 17% share of the collection in 2003, when Paisner instructed the company to sell the books. However, after selling some of the books and dedicating time to find buyers for the collection, Valentine Rare Books claimed Paisner then restricted it from making further sales and disputed the company’s ownership. The company claim Paisner stifled its business, causing serious financial loss.[8][9]

New Era housing estate

The Weizmann Institute Foundation and Shaare Zedek, two companies on the board of which Paisner sits, were caught up in controversy, when they sold their 15% stakes in the New Era estate in London to a Mayfair based investor Westbrook Partners. The new owner was reportedly planning on tripling the rent, a move that will probably lead to the eviction of the current occupants. Comedian and political activist Russell Brand got behind the campaign for the occupants of the New Era estate to not be evicted from their homes. When asked about the situation, Paisner said, “Had we [the trustees of The Weizmann Institute Foundation] had control it is of course possible that we might have our interest differently, but regrettably that was not the position”. He also said there was no way they could have found out prior to selling and they were doing what was best for the foundation.[10]

Israel Advocacy

In October 2015, Paisner signed a letter in The Guardian along with more than 150 people drawn from the arts and politics. The letter launched Culture for Coexistence, an organisation that opposes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.[11]


Paisner is involved in many charities, having taken over his father’s trust practices. The majority of the charities Paisner is affiliated with help the Jewish community and have a Zionist point of view, including; The Adrienne and Leslie Sussman Charitable Trust, The Barnett and Sylvia Shine No 1 Charitable Trust, The Bluston Charitable Trust, British Friends of the Jerusalem Foundation, European Jewish Publication Society, Harvey Rosenblatt Charitable Trust, Holocaust Educational Trust, Janet Wolfson De Botton Charitable Trust, Kesztenbaum Family Charitable Trust, Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Peltz Trust, Phillips and Rubens Charitable Trust, Shaare Zedek (UK), Stella and Alexander Margulies Charitable Trust, Stuart Young Foundation, Weizmann Institute Foundation and Yoni Jesner Foundation.


Charity name Charity number Position Dates position held Co-trustees
The Adler Trust 288685 Trustee Clive Marks
The Adler 1991 Trust 288685-1 Trustee Parent company: The Adler Trust
The Adrienne and Leslie Sussman Charitable Trust 274955 Trustee Adrienne Hadassah Sussman, Debra Sussman, Adam Sussman, Neal Sussman
The Ameca Trust 1121240 Trustee 29/08/2007-02/08/2010 Andrew Charles Vesey, Hugh Ronald Freedberg, Paul Roderick Spensley Thomas, Lorraine Gay Freedberg, Bettie Ruth Markus, John William Sills Simpson
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (UK) Trust 327543 Trustee Ralph Goldman, Yvonne Aghassipour
Backing Britain’s Youth Trustee 12/11/1996-19/06/2001
The Barnett and Sylvia Shine No 1 Charitable Trust 270025 Trustee Sybil Shine
The Barnett and Sylvia Shine No 2 Charitable Trust 281821 Trustee Barbara Grahame, Rodney Grahame
The Barnett Shine Foundation 218365 Trustee
The Bedford Square Charitable Trust 264631 Trustee
Ben Gurion University Foundation 276203 Trustee Harold Paisner, Eric Charles, David Wernick, Jonathan Prevezer, Conrad Sandler, Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea, Raymond Pollock, Sidney Corob, Miriam Hyams, Norman Hyams, Hyman Kreitman, Spencer Lawson
The Bluston Charitable Settlement 256691 Trustee Daniel Dover
Brighton and Hove Jewish Home 219267 Trustee
British Friends of Edith Wolfson Hospital 281538 Trustee Denise Cohen
British Friends of Meir Medical Centre 1115922 Trustee 17/11/2006- Paul Allan Beer, Russell Lawrence, Dov Kol, Paul Whitebread, Charlotte Kohler, Fisher Secretaries Limited
British Friends of Reuth 1126124 Trustee 10/06/2008- Beverley de Vries, Neil Michael Ferber, Russell Ivor Kett, Ann Sophie Rau Dawes, Arnold de Vries, Jonathan Ronald Kropman
The British Friends of the Council for a Beautiful Israel Charitable Trust 266408 Trustee Barry Townsley, Miriam Martin
British Friends of the Harav Lord Jakobovits Toah Institute of Contemporary Issues 1100127 Trustee Michael Neuberger, Zipora Leventhal
The British Institute of International and Comparative Law Trustee Sir Franklin Berman KCMG QC, Philippe Sands QC, Michael Hutchins, Alan Vaughan Lowe QC, John Merrett, The Rt Hon Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Stephen Weatherill, Alexander Layton, The Rt Hon Lord Justice Rix, Christine Chinkin, Adam Johnson, Ian Hobbs, Susan Bright, Nigel Paul Lomas, Sir William Blair, Dame Juliet Wheldon
The British Tay-Sachs Foundation 249221 Trustee
The Cissie Rosefield Charitable Trust 293177 Trustee Stephen Michael Rosefield, John Stuart Ian Rosefield
Colwinston Charitable Trust 1049189 Trustee Mathew Caradoc Thomas Prichard, Martin Patrick Tinney
The Connaught Charitable Trust 1075936 Trustee
Curwen-Lowy Biological Studies Fund 232666-19 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The David Hyman Fellowship 278877-2 Trustee Parent Company:The Yarnton Trust
The Denis Cohen Charitable Trust 276439 Trustee Sara Cohen, Denise Cohen
Devonshire Street Charitable Foundation 1123295 Trustee 07/03/2008 Eric Charles, Nigel Gee, Samuel Peltz
Dr Esther Hellinger Memorial Scholarship and J Stanley Weyman Memorial Scholarship 232666-6 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Edith and Ferdinand Porjes Charitable Trust 274012 Trustee Howard Terence Stanton, Anthony Solomon Rosenfelder
Elaine Bond Career Development Chair 232666-18 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Elizabeth Wolfson Peltz Trust 1070064 Trustee
The Eric Rayman Charitable Trust 279744 Trustee
European Jewish Publication Society 1043107 Trustee 15/12/1994- Antony Lerman, Martyn Goff, Russell Paul Tenzer, Israel Chaim Weinsztok, Fred Simon Worms, Peter Lawrence Levy, Sidney Corob, Rabbi Dr Sidney Brichto
The Frank Green Fellowship 278877-3 Trustee Parent Company:The Yarnton Trust
The Fred and Della Worms Charitable Trust 200036 Trustee Arthur David Harverd, Della Worms, Fred Worms
The Friends of the Israel Aged 278505 Trustee
The Goldser Cope-Thompson Charitable Trust 279587 Trustee D H Cpe-Thompson, M L Cope-Thompson, Emma Lucy Spitz, Julia Debra Harris
Harvey Rosenblatt Charitable Trust 1084907 Trustee Peter Sheldon, Harvey Rosenblatt, Linda Rosenblatt, Daniel Dover
Heart Cells Foundation 1101727 Trustee The Hon Sir Bernard Rix, Anthony Mathur, Jenifer Rosenberg, Myra Waiman, Adrian Magnus, Stephen Sampson, Martin Rothman, Stephen James
Holocaust Educational Trust 1092892 Trustee Alberta Strage, Robert Stephen Rubin, Sir Ivan Lawrence QC, Paul Phillips, Ben Helfgott, Helen Hyde, Richard Harrington, David Gryn, Jon Mendelsohn, Kitty Hart-Hoxon, Kirsty Jean McNeill, Paul Phillip Berlyn, Edward James Lewin, Michael Karp, Olivier Blechnew
Gift from the Dorset Foundation 232666-8 Trustee Parent Company:The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Hadassah Medical Relief Association U.K. 1040848 Trustee Alberta Strage, Juliet Dawood, Allan Hoffbrand, Lord Leslie Turnberg, Michael Baum, Peter Sheldon, Guilda Shamash, Sir Ian Gainsford, Lisa Tchenquiz-Imerman, Stuart Stanton, David Waterman
The Hallam Trust 288676 Trustee
The Hamilton Trust 1004205 Trustee Kenneth Brooks, Michael O’Regan, James McMillan
Harry Kweller and Kathleen Kweller Chair of Condensed Matter Physics 232666-23 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Hilda and Cecil Lewis Professorial Chair in Molecular Genetics 232666-10 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Israel-Diaspora Trust 286131 Trustee Michael Heller, Geoffrey Goldkorn, George Pinto, Frederic Haller, Jonathan Goldberg, The Lord Weidenfield
Jack and Simon Djanogly Scholarships and Djanogly Chair in Computer Science 232666-12 Trustee Parent Company:The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Jacob and Shoshana Schreiber Fellowship 278877-1 Trustee Parent Company:The Yarnton Trust
Janet Wolfson De Botton Charitable Trust 1054068 Trustee The Hon Janet Frances Wolfson de Botton, The Hon Laura Helen Wolfson Townsley
The Jewish Educational Development Trust 313443 Trustee
John and Isabel Ritblat Educational Trust 232666-20 Parent company:The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Joseph Lewis Charitable Foundation 236264 Trustee
The Kestens Charitable Trust 277637 Trustee
The Kesztenbaum Family Charitable Trust 273126 Trustee Anna Rachel Fleischmann, Michael Arthur Kesztenbaum
Kitty Waas Dekker Simon Wass and Rosette Dekker Scholarship Fund 232666-22 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Latchman Family Charitable Trust 328397 Trustee Ella Latchman, David Seymour Latchman
The Lily and Marcus Sieff Charitable Trust 257824 Trustee Julian Simon Challis, Daniela Sieff
Mentor Foundation UK 1112339 Trustee Sir David Sieff, The Lord Mancroft, Sir Jack Stewart Clark, Sim Scavazza, Helen Watson, Louise O’Connor
The Mentor Foundation (UK) for the Prevention of Substance Abuse 1072619 Trustee
The M O G Charitable Trust 297678 Trustee Adele Patricia Goldstein, Michael Orde Goldstein
Marcuard Oprhans’ Trust 10868981 Trustee 12/06/2000-09/04/2003 Charles Poncet, Hans Joerg Rudloff, Anthony Solomon Rosenfelder, Sarah Louise Chiappini, Jordan Company Secretaries Limited
Marcus Sieff Fund for Scientific Co-operation between United Kingdom Scientists and the Weizmann Institute of Science 232666-4 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Martin and Dianne Mendoza Scholarship 232666-14 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Philanthropic Foundation Trustee David Latchman, Ian Gainsford, Daniel Dover
The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation Trustee Ella Latchman, David Latchman, Sir Ian Gainsford, Daniel Dover
The Maurice Wohl Charitable Trust 244518 Trustee
Maxwell Ellis Professorship 232666-3 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Michael Crawford Childrens Charity 104221 Trustee Alan Clark, Michael Crawford, Kenneth Peter Dias
Morris Leigh Foundation 280695 Trustee Lord Howard Darryl Leigh
Norman Sosnow Postdoctoral Fellowship 232666-15 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Ovarian Cancer Action 1109743 Trustee Mr Harris, Mrs Kaye, Lord Leslie Arnold Turnberg
Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies 309720 Trustee Alan Jones, David Lewis, Daniel Peltz, Richard Greenbury, Charles Sebag-Montefiore, Baruch Samuel Blumberg, George Richard Pinto, Hugh Godfrey Maturin Williamson, Lord George Weidenfeld, Martin Goodman, Roger Wingate, Martin Blackman, John Middiman, Sir Bernard Rix, David Guy Kenneth Taylor, HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, Michael Eric Garston, Paul Joyce, Lord Simon Marks, Shlomo Ben-Ami, Stanley Fink, Sir Ivor Crewe, Daniel Patterson, David Joseph QC, Stuart Roden, David Ariel, Marc Polonsky
The Paisner Charitable Trust 275087 Trustee Harold Paisner
The Peltz Trust 1002302 Trustee 2012 Daniel Peltz, The Hon Elizabeth Peltz
The Peter Cruddas Foundation 1117323 Trustee Peter Andrew Cruddas, Lord David Ivor Young
Philip Harris and Gerald Ronson Career Development Chair 232666-9 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Phillips and Rubens Charitable Trust 260378 Trustee Michael Phillips, Ruth Phillips, Paul Phillips, Gary Phillips, Carolyn Mishon
Phillips Family Charitable Trust Trustee td>2014 Ruth Phillips, Paul Phillips, Gary Phillips, Michael Phillips
Pierre and Maniusia Gildesgame Charitable Trust 232472 Trustee
The Potel Charitable Trust 326513 Gillian Potel, Solomon Stanton Potel, Debra Potel
Raymond Burton Fund for Genome Research 232666-5 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Raymond Burton Prize 232666-11 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Remembering for the Future 2000 1067606 Trustee Cicely Hopper, Earl Issey Hooper
Remembering for the Future Online 1067606 Trustee Edward Kessler, Elisabeth Jenny Jeanne Maxwell, Wisteriea Registrars Ltd
Rixi Marcus Scholarships in Memory of Eugenia Ignacy and Herbert Alfred Heller 232666-13 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Robert and Rene Lewin Charitable Trust 802163 Trustee Julian Anthony Maurica Arendt, Bronia Steiner
Royal Free Cancerkin Breast Cancer Trust 1085517 Trustee Sally Malin, Santilal Parag Parbhoo, Judith Sanitt, Suzanne Freeda, Geoffrey Lloyd, Judith Fay Mishon, John Carrier, Rebecca Wynberg, Tim Davidson
Rueff – Wormser Scholarship Fund 232666-1 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Ruth and Jack Lunzer Charitable Trust 276201 Trustee Jack Lunzer
Samuel Sebba Professorial Chair 232666-16 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Schmidt-Bodner Charitable Trust 283014 Trustee Daniel Dover
Shaare Zedek (UK) Trustee Margaret Gioia Rothem, Anthony Rosenfelder
The Sieratzki Charitable Trust 1126815 Trustee Jechil Salomon Sieratzki, Barbara Sieratzki
Simon Weinstock Professorial Chair Endowment 232666-7 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
Sir David Sieff PHD Scholarship in Brain Research 232666-17 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Sir Ernst and Lady Anne Chain Research Programme 232666-21 Trustee Parent Company: The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Sir Sigmund Sternberg Charitable Foundation 257950 Trustee Sigmund Sternberg, Michael Sternberg, Martin Arthur Malcolm Slowe, Marcus Christopher Rossie Braybrooke, Noam Tamir
The Stella and Alexander Margulies Charitable Trust 220441 Trustee Sir Stuart Anthony Lipton, Alexander Michael Sorkin, Marcus Jonathan Margulies, Leslie David Michaels
Stepney Jewish (B’nai B’rith) Clubs and Settlement 802559-5 Trustee 13/12/1995-23/06/2004 Antony Ian Grossman, Arnold Wagner Obe, Jonathan David Zenios, Steven David Lewis, Andrew Hope, Baroness Julie Babette Sarah Newuberger, Dame Gail Ronson, Suzanne Lea Joels, Lady Gilda Levy, Lord David Ivor Young of Graffham, Lord Howard Darryl Leigh, Alan Goldberg, Alan Irving Goldman, Ashley Mitchell, Barnett Anthony Saffron, Brian Ivan Leaver, Claude James Weil, Colin Ivor Lehmann, Cyril Julius, David Alan Pears, David John Lewis, David Robert Green, Edward Langton, Edward Langton, Edward Michael Lee, Eli Allen Shahmoon, Frank Cass, Gary Louis Stern, James Elliot Diner, Jeffrey Michael Greenwood, Jonathan Simon Goldstein, Lloyd Marshall Dorfman, Malcolm Dagul, Malcolm Howard Brummer, Marcel Jonathan Knobil, Michael Goldmeier, Michael John Ingram, Michael Ronald Nathan, Nigel Anthony Raine, Nigel Keith Ross, Paul Brian Marber, Philip Leigh, Richard Bruce Mintz, Stpehen Anthony Zimmerman, Stephen Maurice Crown, Stuarty Glyn, Stuart Grant Roden, Timothy Montagu Simon, Anita Mellor, Ann Spiro, Anne Marks]], Bettina Lynda Bradfield, Charlotte Green-Lubett, Connie Elizabeth Levy, Doris David, Edna Halle, Hannah Lewis, Joyce Valerie Saffron, Myrtle Franklin, Ruth Elizabeth Hollander, Sheila Lisbeth Brodtman, Sonie Senat, Stella Lucas, Frances Harris, Jeanie Cressida Rosefield, Joan Beryl Freedman, Margaretta Gremson, Phillippa Mintz, Shirley Jacobs, Shirley Jean Lawson, Susan Melanie Grant, Zena de Groot, Lord Michael Levy
The Stuart Young Foundation Trustee Frank Stansil, Shirley Young, Michael Phillips, Lesley Aaronson, Elspet Rix, David Young
Teale Charitable Trust 1058734 Trustee David Teale, Christine Teale
The Tel Mond Charitable Trust 1082457 Trustee
The Trust for the Study of Social Trauma and the Care and Treatment of Survivors 277166 Trustee Cicely Hopper, Earl Issey Hooper
UK Friends of the Peres Institute for Peace 1062191 Trustee 25/03/1997-? Omer Moore, Alan Kaye, Stanley Saffer, Lord Greville Ewan Janner, The Lord Michael Levy
The Weizmann Institute Foundation Vice-chairman Lord David Alliance, Sir John Ritblat, Robert Abraham Perlman, Jonathan Alexander Metliss, Daniel Gesetner, Dame Vivien Duffield, Parry Mitchell, Arabella Elizabeth Duffield, Jeremy Alan Smouha, Jonathan Ronald Kropman, Robert Ivor Ohrenstein, Myra Waiman, Daniel S Shapiro, Lord Leslie Arnold Turnberg, Benny Chain, Maxwell Nisner, Lady Hannah Lowy Mitchell, Michael Sandler
Weizmann Institute Foundation Pooled Fund (PE) 232666-2 Trustee Parent Company:The Weizmann Institute Foundation
The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust 228382 Trustee” Sir Ian Gainsford, Sir Bernard Rix, Sir Eric Ash, The Hon Laura Wolfson Townsley, Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton, Lord Turnberg, The Hon Elizabeth Wolfson Peltz, Alexandra Wolfson Halamish
The Wolfson Townsley Charitable Trust 277637 Trustee Helen Wolfson Townsley, Barry Townsley, The Hon Janet Frances Wolfson de Botton
Woolf Institute 1069589 Trustee Robert Glatter, David Leibowitz, Edward David Kessler, Julius Lipner, Peter Halban, Lord Hameed of Hamstead, Waqar Ahman, Martin Forward, Lord Richard Douglas Harries of Pentregarth, Lady Marguerite Leah Woolf
The Yarnton Trust 309720-1 Trustee Parent charity: Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Yoni Jesner Foundation Trustee Ari Jesner, David Cohen, Jared Jesner, Jonathan Kestenbaum
The Young Charitable Trust 283841 Trustee Denis Leonard Arronson, Shirley Young

[12] [13]


Company directorships.

Company name Dissolved? Role Date of Appointment Date of resignation
Townsley Family Investments Limited No Director 16/06/2005 -
Metcalf Properties Limited Yes - 2003 Director 22/08/1996 2003
The British Library Trust No Director 09/02/2012 -
Romanoff Fund for Russia (UK) No Director 03/05/1994 23/10/1996
Nameco (No.412) Limited No Director 24/02/2009 -
Bluston Securities Limited No Director and Secretary 17/06/1992 -
Barnet City Academy No Director 13/10/2004 15/10/2008
Samford University (USA) Trust Limited Yes Secretary director 31/12/1991 N/A
Kitecross Limited Yes – 07/09/1999 Director 02/10/1998 07/09/1999
Eagle Management Company Limited No Secretary 17/09/2003 14/02/2013
Consumer Trustees Limited No Director 08/04/1998 18/06/2002
Sendgrove Limited Yes – 27/11/2001 Director and Secretary 30/06/1993 27/11/2001
Hadassah Medical Relief Association UK No Director 29/11/1995 -
Trident Investment Company No Director 28/10/1992 29/01/1998
Hooke Park Educational Trust No Director 31/03/1992 07/03/1994
Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies No Director and Secretary 07/06/1991 -
PCO 217 Limited Yes – 13/07/2010 Director 05/08/1999 13/07/2010
Shaare Zedek UK No Director 14/12/2010 -
Oxford Synagogue & Jewish CentreLimited No Director 05/05/1992 30/04/2004
Family Trustee Company Limited Yes – 22/01/2013 Director 28/03/1991 22/01/2013
Ebury Investments Limited No Director 24/11/1998 -
Stamag Trustee Company Limited No Director 12/03/1998
Kinsdale Investments Limited Yes Director and secretary 22/06/1992
74 Portland Place Limited Yes – 26/04/2011 Director 13/09/1992 26/04/2011
Petermore Limited Yes Director 21/08/1991
J.&B.Ashley Limited No Director 13/09/2011 -
Royal Free Cancerkin Breast Cancer Trust No Director 29/12/2000 -
European Jewish Publication Society No Director 15/12/1994 -
Paimag Trustee Company Limited Yes – 21/08/2001 Director 20/03/1998 21/08/2001
Gelmag Trustee Company Limited No Director 12/03/1998 -
Starmain Limited Yes – 22/10/1996 Director 10/04/1991 22/10/1996
Inlandglide Limited Yes – 10/02/1998 Director 31/03/1991 10/02/1998
Inter-Action Social Enterprise Trust Limited No Director 21/05/1992 07/06/1996
Jewish Literary Trust Limited No Director 01/09/1991 02/08/1994
Ebury Investments Limited No Secretary 24/11/1998 29/01/1999
Lemag Trustee Company Limited No Director 12/03/1998 -
Backing Jewish Youth Yes – 22/10/2002 Director 14/08/1995 22/10/2002
Bluston Securities (Bordon) Limited No Secretary 20/04/2009
Lhotse LLP No Director 27/09/2012 -
Holocaust Educational Trust No Director 27/04/2001 -
PCO 206 Limited No Director 09/10/1998 -
Studio Arts Centers International U.K Yes – 15/02/2000 Director 30/01/1993 15/02/2000
Trident Investment Holding Company Limited Yes – 22/12/1998 Director 28/10/1998 22/12/1998
New Israel Fund No Director 01/09/2008 20/11/2009
Jerusalem Foundation Trustees Limited No Director and Secretary 20/03/2007 -
74 Portland Place Residents Limited Yes – 07/02/2006 Director 30/03/1993 07/02/2006
The Leadership Trust (Trading) Limited Yes – 4/09/2012 Director 12/08/1997 28/06/1998
Cinderhall Properties Limited Yes – 20/08/2008 Director 16/10/2001 20/10/2001
Herts Industrial Construction Limited Yes – 27/08/2008 Secretary 17/9/2003 27/08/2008
Oakminster Properties Limited Yes – 25/12/2009 Director 26/02/1991 25/12/2009
Jerusalem Trustees Limited Yes – 05/01/2006 Director 21/10/2008 05/01/2006
Majestic Properties (London) Limited No Director 13/09/2011 -
The Weizmann Institute Foundation No Director 15/02/1980 -
Tal Nominees Limited Yes – 02/07/2002 Director 26/01/2000 02/07/2002
Aimward Limited No Director 08/09/1998 23/11/2001
UK Friends of the Peres Institute for Peace No Director and Secretary 25/03/1997 31/03/2011
Tower Bridge Fiduciary Limited No Director 13/08/2014 -
Teresa Limited Yes – 07/09/1999 Director 12/01/1998 07/09/1999
Woolf Institute No Director 08/03/2007 -
W F Nominees Limited Yes – 12/06/2007 Director 08/09/1999 12/06/2007
Fortplot Limited Yes – 28/09/2004 Secretary 17/09/2003 28/09/2004
PCO 160 Limited Yes – 03/08/2004 Director 08/11/1999 02/08/2004
BNAI Brith Foundation Limited Yes – 01/02/2011 Director 31/12/1990 16/01/1996
Fairholme Estates (Holdings) Limited No Director 18/02/1991 -
Trust Construction Company Limited No Secretary 17/09/2003 -
Minderbay Limited Yes – 20/06/2000 Director 26/02/1991 20/06/2000
J.B. Rubens Charity Trustees Limited Yes – 12/09/2006 Director 07/03/1993 12/09/2006
Bluston Securities (Bordon) Limited No Director 20/04/2009 -
Paco Nominees Limited Yes – 01/03/2011 Director 22/07/1999 01/03/2011
Pelmon Limited Yes – 13/10/2009 Director 17/07/2008 13/10/2009
Barker Group Limited No Secretary 17/09/2003 -
Holne Chase Trustee Company Limited No Director 07/03/1993 -
Institute for Strategic Dialogue No Director 30/04/2008 18/05/2010
Weizmann Trading Company Limited No Director 16/12/2009 -
The Covenant & Conversation Trust No Director 04/06/2013 -
Copac Nominees Limited Yes – 01/03/2011 Director 22/07/1999 01/03/2011
Industrial Developments (Herts) Limited No Director 17/09/2003 -
Jewish Care Community Foundation No Director 21/06/1995 23/06/2004
Wohl Nominees Limited No Director 13/12/2007 -
Piltwon Services Limited Yes – 22/03/2011 Director 06/12/2007 22/03/2011
Tikva Corp No Vice president/trustee
Redbourne Avenue LLP No LLP designated member 27/05/2014 -


Other roles


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