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Barry Townsley is a city stockbroker who founded Townsley & Co and is the chairman and founding partner of Hobart Capital Markets.

He is a Labour Party donor and was involved in the cash for peerages scandal in 2006. His father-in-law was Leonard Wolfson.


Townsley founded stockbrokers Townsley & Co before selling it to Dutch bank Insinger de Beaufort in 1999.[1]

Townsley is currently the chairman and founding partner of Hobart Capital Markets.[2]

Labour donor

Cash for peerages

In 2006, the Labour Party revealed they had received £1 million from Townsley in secret donations. The move towards transparency came from a combination of pressure from the other parties and plans to introduce a new law banning secret loans to parties.

Along with fellow 'secret donors', Sir Gulam Noon, Chai Patel and Sir David Garrard, Townsley was nominated for a peerage. The House of Lords Appointments Commission voiced concern over this issue.[3]


Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
18/05/2005 Barry Townsley CBE £6,000.00 Labour Party Central Party



Personal life


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