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Rabbi Sidney Brichto (Born Philadelphia, July 21, 1936. Died London, January 16, 2009, aged 72) was, according to an obituary in The Times: 'one of British Jewry's leading spokesmen for Progressive Judaism and most passionate supporters of Israel.'[1]

'He believed', reported The Times that it was 'the duty of diaspora Jews to demonstrate solidarity with the Jewish state and that those who blamed it for the lack of Middle East peace only aided the enemies who sought to destroy it.'[1]

In 1984 Brichto co-founded the Israel-Diaspora Trust. One of its projects 'was an exchange programme between senior UK and Israeli judges.'[2]

A regular broadcaster and a 'prolific writer of books and journalism, he translated and commented on the Bible, wrote his memoirs and contributed to the JC. From 1992-2002'.[2]



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