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David Robert Green (born 26/04/1951) is a London based businessman. He was appointed Secretary of the pro-Israel lobby group BICOM on 24 April 2001.[1]

BICOM’s Treasurer

BICOM’s Treasurer David Green[2] is extremely low profile but is reportedly one of its key backers.[3] He comes from a large and wealthy family, originally from the East End of London, but which subsequently moved to the city’s affluent northern suburbs. One of his uncles, the late Monty Green, was a lieutenant-colonel in the Indian army during the Second World War and went on to became a founder of the Israel Defense Forces and a member of the Israeli General Staff during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.[4]

The Green family originally made their money through tobacco in colonial India, but later invested in property and electrical engineering in the UK. In the 1960s these interests were consolidated into British Industrial Holdings, which was chaired by David Green’s late father Joseph. The family took the company private in 1977 through its vehicle Greenbrook Securities.[5] Today David Green and his close family own and run the electrical components corporation Greenbrook Industries, which also has interests in property and stakes in Sandal plc and Unicorn Training Group.[6]


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