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The Institute for Jewish Policy Research is a London based Jewish think-tank. Its former director Tony Lerman has expressed public criticism of Israel and advocated the disappearance of the Jewish state into a federated Israel/Palestine.


Although the Institute was founded in 1996[1] it is in fact the successor organisation to the Institute of Jewish Affairs which was incorporated under the same company number in December 1966, though it had been created in 1941 in the US by the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress.


The Board of Directors oversees the operation of JPR.[2]

Honorary President

Honorary Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

Other Members of the Board of Directors



  • Combating InternationaI Terrorism* Paul Wilkinson
  • Does lslamic Fundamentalism Pose a Threat to the West? Fred Halliday
  • The Governance of Cyberspace: Racism on the lnternet David Capitanchik and Michael Whine
  • The lsraeli General Election of 1996 David Capitanchik
  • Jerusalem: Past, Present and Future* Bernard Wasserstein
  • The Netanyahu Government and the lsraeli-Arab Peace Process: The First Half Year Joseph Alpher
  • A New Jewish ldentity for Post-1989 Europe Diana Pinto
  • Planning for the Future of European Jewry An lnternational Policy Research Conference, Prague 3-5 July 1995, Report of Proceedings
  • The Roma/Gypsies of Europe: A Persecuted People Margaret Brearley
  • The Salience of lslamic Fundamentalism* Martin Kramer
  • Social and Political Attitudes of British Jews: Some Key Findings of the JPR Survey Stephen Millel Marlena Schmool and Antony Lerman
  • Published as IJA Reports


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