Neoconservative Chronology 2007

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  • Pentagon awards $79,000 contract to Devon Cross in line with 23 July announcement.


  • 18 Opening day of the CounterJihad Europa conference in Brussels. Sponsored by the Center for Vigilant Freedom, the conference brings together American neoconservatives, Right-wing revisionist zionists, and the European far-right.
  • 19 Concluding day of the CounterJihad Europa conference.
  • 29 Policy Exchange publishes The Hijacking of British Islam: How Extremist Literature is Subverting Mosques in the UK by Denis MacEoin. The report calls for the British authorities to reconsider their relationship to the Muslim Council of Britain, the Islamic Foundation and the Muslim Safety Forum.



  • 12 Newsnight reports that some of the receipts supporting the claims in Policy Exchange's Hijacking of British Islam report may be forged. Dean Godson accuses Peter Barron of "disastrous editorial misjudgement" and of "appalling stewardship of Newsnight". Policy Exchange announces that it's executive will meet the next day to discuss legal action against the BBC.
  • 13 Policy Exchange announces that is "in legal consultations about action in this matter." The BBC responded: "Policy Exchange's statement is misleading in many ways and doesn't answer the simple question raised by Newsnight's film. Given that the Policy Exchange report was based on the testimony of the researchers who gathered the receipts, do they believe all the receipts are genuine?"
  • 15 Policy Exchange chairman Charles Moore attacks Peter Barron in the Daily Telegraph.
  • 17 The Times issues an apology to Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari of the East London Mosque in connection with its coverage of the Policy Exchange report.

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