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American Freedom Alliance logo, screengrab from American Freedom Alliance

The American Freedom Alliance is according to its own account a 'non-political, non partisan, movement of concerned Americans which identifies threats to western civilization. [1] It has a European version the European Freedom Alliance and its members are also involved in a number of anti-Islamist organisations such as CounterJihad Europa and the International Free Press Society.

It is a key member of the counterjihad movement.


'Islam and Western civilization: Can they coexist?' conference, August 2016

In August 2016 AFA held a one-day conference 'Islam and Western civilization: Can they coexist?', in Los Angeles. The 19 speakers included:

Pamela Geller | Robert Spencer, former US ambassador John Bolton (keynote) | Andrew Bostom | Nonie Darwish | Mort Klein | Trevor London | Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff | Philippe Karsenty | Guy Millière, | James Simpson and the Hon. Pete Hoekstra | Frank Gaffney, | Admiral James Lyons | Daniel Greenfield and Stephen Coughlin | Wafa Sultan | Bosch Fawstin ('creator of the anti-Islamic superhero Pigman') [2]

Henrik Clausen from Gates of Vienna reported:

'At this one-day conference in Los Angeles, California, the local chapter of American Freedom Alliance presented a record-setting list of 19 ‘Islamophobic’ speakers talking about the current state of things between the West and Islam.'

Most speakers addressed three topics:

Keynote speakers included:

  • Wafa Sultan, who had not given a public speech in five years, 'urgently asking everyone to stop the developments and prevent more countries from falling into chaos like her native Syria',
  • Ambassador John Bolton who spoke 'at length about how American influence is being destroyed, how enemies of the US are filling that gap, and what can be done about it'.

Topics also included the US 2016 Presidential election:

'And in particular Donald Trump. Robert Spencer made the case that the mere fact that Trump mentions the problems and suggests meaningful solutions is bringing us forward very fast, that we can now discuss matters that were largely hidden just a year ago. By way of principle, the organizers would not recommend who to vote for, but some unruly audience members shouted “Trump, Trump!” when they had the opportunity.' [3]

French writer Philippe Karsenty delivered a speech concerning jihad and the 'islamization' of Europe. He ended his speech by showing a picture of a woman he had seen during his trip to Abu Dhabi who was wearing a muzzle, and warned that this could be seen in France if 'islamists' weren't strictly regulated. He then gave an interview with Riposte Laïque where he repeated this story. It was disseminated in several newspapers, including Europe-Israël [4], JSS News [5], the extreme-right newspaper Dreuz [6] and the Gates of Vienna website [7]


Grants received included:







Board of Directors

As of September 2016: Karen Siegemund, PhD, Chairman | Michael Greer, President | John Hancock, First Vice President | Joe Peterson, Second Vice President | Howard Hyde, Third Vice President | William Becker | Dr. James Enstrom | Marcia Jacobs | Mark Shaw | Gary Aminoff - Communications Director | Olga Matlin | Dr. Matthew Malkan

Previous Board: Barak Lurie | Heidi N. Nietert | Shawn Steel | Dr. Robert Hamilton | David Horwatt


As of September 2016: Marc Franklin, Videography | Rich Brimer, Graphic Art

Previous Staff: Avi Davis - Executive Director and Senior Fellow | Rueben Gordon - Assistant Director | Sandy Krueger - Executive Assistant | Irma Widjojo - Secretarial Assistant | Elisa Vandernoot- researcher and Western Word Editor


Patrick Frost


As of September 2016:





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