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Dominic Grieve MP, UK Attorney General

Dominic Grieve QC is the UK Attorney General,[1] appointed after the May 2010 general election. He is the Conservative Party MP for Beaconsfield and a Privy Councillor since June 2010. [2] In the 2015 general election, Grieve was re-elected with a majority of 26,311. [3]

He is the son of Percy Grieve, Conservative MP for Solihull, 1964-1983.[4]

Grieve was appointed as a member of the Select Committee on Privileges in November 2015.[5]


In March 2006, Grieve received £3,000.000 from Bestway Cash and Carry Ltd, Bestway Cash and Carry Ltd , owned by Tory donor Anwar Pervez.[6]



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