Neoconservative Chronology 2008

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  • 7 During a visit to Israel, Geert Wilders tells Haaretz he will never associate with parties like Vlaams Belang because of their history of anti-semitism.
  • 9 Prosecution of Derek Pasquill dropped because "internal FCO papers revealed that senior officials privately admitted that, far from harming British interests, Pasquill's leaking of the documents had actually helped to provoke a constructive debate."


  • 4 Dean Godson defends the police bugging of Sadiq Khan, who he described as "the most Islamist-friendly of MPs."
  • 8 Private Eye's anonymous RatBiter column reports that "furious Conservatives say they've no option but to sue or take a dossier on Peter Barron, Newsnight's editor, to the BBC's senior management" over the programme's coverage of Policy Exchange.




  • 18 Charities Commission finds no evidence of party political bias on the part of Policy Exchange, but does identify a lack of transparency.



  • 24 It is reported that Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has written to Policy Exchange director Neil O'Brien protesting about the contents of a private briefing being circulated about the Global Peace and Unity event in London.


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