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Dennis Hayes in 2006

Dennis Hayes is an academic associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. He is the founder and director of Academics for Academic Freedom, is the convenor of the Education Forum for the Institute of Ideas [1] and the East Midlands Salon, has spoken at the Battle of Ideas, adjudged for Debating Matters and written for Culture Wars and Spiked. [2] He has co-written books with Toby Marshall and Kathryn Ecclestone. He is related to Patrick Hayes according to Patrick's Twitter account "#FF @profdhayes, founder of Academics for Academic Freedom, on editorial board of @timeshighered. And a relation of mine...". [3]

Hayes is a former joint president of the University and College Union, and a member of Times Higher Education's editorial board. In 2008 he was named visiting professor in the Westminster Institute of Education at Oxford Brookes University.[4]


The Free Society, columnist - Tobacco industry funded blog run by FOREST[5]


LinkedIn: Dennis Hayes
Profile: Dennis Hayes
Website: Dennis Hayes


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  • Dennis Hayes & Alan Hudson, The Mood of the Nation: Basildon Man Revisited, Demos, 2001
  • Dennis Hayes, 'Academic Freedom and the Diminished Subject', British Journal of Educational Studies, Volume 57, Issue 2 June 2009 , pages 127 - 145


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