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Junius Publications (Company No.: 01339999) was incorporated on 22 November 1977 and was eventually dissolved on 25 January 2000. It was the vehicle for all the publishing activities of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency, Revolutionary Communist Party, Workers Against Racism and Irish Freedom Movement, including Confrontation, The next step and Living Marxism/LM Magazine. Its dissolution came in 2000 some four years after demise of the RCP in 1996.[1]

Living Marxism was first published in November 1988 and in February 1997 its name was changed to LM. At the same time two new companies were set up, both being incorporated on the 29 January 1997. One was Informinc and the other was JP Graphics Limited, which was registered to the offices used by Living Marxism/LM in Farringdon Road in London.[2]


The company was first set up by Express Company Registrations of 30 City Road in London on the 3 November 1977.[3] The nominal directors were replaced by RCP members on what appears to be the 19th November 1977.[4] These were Katherine Barlow (Director and Secretary, who gave her occupation as 'Housewife') and Gareth Jenkins (Director, who gave his occupation as 'Economist'), both of whom gave an address in New Cross, London.[5] The company began to trade formally on 1 April 1978.[6]

On 22 January 1979 the company changed its registered address to Electric Avenue in Brixton, London.[7] The Accounts for the year ended 31 March 1980 showed a 'current liability' to the RCT Assocation of some £10,218.26.[8]

On 4 May 1982 Anne Dickson was appointed as Secretary and Director (giving her occupation as 'Housewife' and an address in SE5) to replace Katherine Barlow who resigned on the same date and Keith Teare was appointed to replace Gareth Jenkins, giving his occupation as 'Lecturer'.[9] Anne Dickson resigned on 11 July 1983 and was replaced by Carol Thornton (Dob 03.01.59).[10] In some company documents Dickson is referred to as Ann Dickson without the 'e' on the end of 'Ann'.[11]

Following a special resolution of the company at and EGM on 15 February 1984 at Electric Avenue, the company changed its name to Inset Press Limited, the name change being confirmed at Companies House on 26 April of that year.[12] In June of 1984, Keith Teare designated as 'Chairman' of the company lodged a resolution from a General Meeting of the company held in Electric Avenue on 22 June 1984 that the company's nominal share capital be increased to 20,000 by the creation of 19,900 additional ordinary shares of £1 each.[13] The next month Inset changed its name back to Junius Publications.[14]

In September of 1984 a third Director was appointed in the shape of James Woudhuysen, who gave his occupation as 'Lecturer' and an address in London N1. At the time he declared also a further directorship of a firm called Wordsearch Limited.[15]

In November 1988 Suke Wolton (giving an address in London N4) and Phil Mullan (giving the same address in London N16 as fellow director James Woudhuysen) were appointed as directors. Wolton gave her occupation as 'Marketing Manager'.[16]

In 1989 Junius increased its nominal capital from £1,000 to £100,000 and allocated 20,000 shares each to Keith Teare (raising his total holding to 20,999), James Woudhuysen and Suke Wolton. Phil Mullan was allocated 30,000.[17]

James Woudhuysen resigned from Junius on 17 August 1990.[18] Two further directors were appointed that year: Alan Hudson giving an address in London E8 and Michael William Hume better known as Mick Hume giving an address in London E5.[19] Hudson was allocated 10,000 shares and Hume 20,000, effectively reallocating the 20,000 previously held by Woudhuysen and reducing Teare's shares to 10,999.[19]

Junius notified a change of Registered Office on 18 March 1991 to 22/24 The Courtyards, Croxley Centre, Hatters Lane Watford, WD1 8RR.[20][19]

In March 1996 Junius increased its nominal capital by £50,000 to £150,000 in shares of £1 each.[21]

In August 1999 the two directors Phil Mullan and Alan Hudson applied for Junius to be struck off the register of companies. Mullan gave as his address: Cybercafe Ltd, 39 Whitfield Street in London the address of the business that he ran with former director of Junius Keith Teare.[22]


  • HUDSON, ALAN EDWARD DIRECTOR Appointed: pre 02/04/1992 Nationality: BRITISH Occupation: PUBLISHER Date of Birth: 04/01/1951 Appointments: 1
  • MULLAN, PHILIP ROY DIRECTOR/Secretary Appointed: November 1988 Nationality: BRITISH Occupation: PUBLISHER Date of Birth: 17/08/1955 Appointments: 12
  • WOLTON, SUKE DIRECTOR Appointed: November 1988 Occupation: MARKETING MANAGER Date of Birth: 05/10/1962 Appointments: 2
  • TEARE, KEITH WILLIAM DIRECTOR Appointed: 04/05/1982 Resigned: 15/12/1996 Nationality: BRITISH Occupation: LECTURER Date of Birth: 27/08/1954 [23]

Address and other details

Name & Registered Office: Company No.: 01339999
  • Date of Incorporation: 22/11/1977
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Status: Dissolved 25/01/2000
  • Company Type: Private Limited Company
  • Nature Of Business (SIC(03)):
    • 2211 - Publishing of books
    • 2212 - Publishing of newspapers
    • 2213 - Publish journals & periodicals
  • Accounting Reference Date: 01/04
  • Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/1999 (SMALL)
  • Next Accounts Due:
  • Last Return Made Up To: 02/04/1999
  • Next Return Due:
  • Mortgage: Number of Charges: 3 ( 3 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )
  • Last members list: 02/04/1999
  • Previous Names
    • Date of Change: Previous Name:
      • 14/08/1984 INSET PRESS LIMITED
Internet Archive holdings:junius.co.uk


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