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LM network resources
Toby Marshall in 2010

Toby Marshall teaches film, philosophy and social policy as Curriculum Manager BA (Hons) Social Welfare and Policy, Havering College of Further and Higher Education[1] and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. He has written under his own name for Living Marxism[2] and LM,[3] held formal roles at the Institute of Ideas, officiated for Debating Matters[4] and been a Trustee for WORLDwrite (2004-present (2013)), writes for the Institute of Ideas, Spiked and Culture Wars, [5] and has co-edited a book with Dennis Hayes, which, inevitably, featured numerous LM network stalwarts including Neil Davenport, Kathryn Ecclestone, Claire Fox, Patrick Hayes, Joanna Williams[6]



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