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Kathryn Ecclestone in 2008

Kathryn Ecclestone is Professor of Education and Social Inclusion in the School of Education at the University of Birmingham and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. She has written for Spiked [1] and Culture Wars (in November 2008 and October 2009) [2] ,spoken at the Battle of Ideas, [3] adjudicated for Debating Matters, co-written a book with Dennis Hayes, spoken at the Brighton Salon and is a founder member of the Birmingham Salon.

Publications and research funding

Research funding

Ecclestone, K., Hayes, D., Pupavac, V. And Clack, B. (2008) ESRC-funded seminar series ‘Changing the subject?: inter-disciplinary perspectives on emotional well-being and social justice’, Universities of Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham and Oxford Brookes

Publications (selected)

  • Ecclestone, K., Biesta, G. and Hughes, M. (eds) (2009) Transitions and Learning through the Lifecourse (London, Routledge)
  • Ecclestone, K and Hayes, D. (2009) Changing the subject: educational implications of emotional well-being, Oxford Review of Education, 35, 3, 371-389
  • Ecclestone, K and Hayes, D. (2008) The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education (London, Routledge)
  • Ecclestone, K. (2009) Therapy Culture Re-visited, Paper for Battle of Ideas 'Therapy Culture Re-visted' Keynote Session, October 31st 2009, Royal College of Art, London
  • Davies, J. and Ecclestone K. (2008) ‘Straitjacket’ or ‘springboard’ for sustainable learning?: the implications of formative assessment practices in vocational learning cultures, The Curriculum Journal, 19, 2, 71-86
  • Eccestone, K. (2007) Commitment, compliance and comfort zones: the effects of formative assessment on ‘learning careers’ in vocational education, Assessment in Education. 14, 3, 315-333
  • Ecclestone, K. (2007) Resisting images of the ‘diminished self’: the implications of emotional well-being and emotional engagement in educational policy, Journal of Education Policy, 22, 4, 455-470
  • K Ecclestone, D Hayes, F Furedi. 2005. Knowing me, knowing you: the rise of therapeuticprofessionalism in the education of adults, Studies in the Education of Adults, 37, 2, 182‐200. ISSN:0266‐0830.
  • K Ecclestone. 2005. Review of... Furedi, F. (2004)Where have all the intellectuals gone?: confronting 21st century philistinism, London: Continuum, Democracy in Education.
  • K Ecclestone. 2004. The rise of low aspirations in education (In Debating Education, Hayes D (Editor), RoutledgeFalmer:  London



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