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Special Advisers to the Labour Government 1997-1999

In April 2006, GMB (the "general union") commissioned a report outlining the career trajectories of former Labour Special Advisers, which observed that:

It is rare that a Special Adviser from the early years of the Labour Government is not now benefiting from that special relationship with the Government. Their biographies often emphasise the role that they had, and note that the role has given them significantly advantageous access to knowledge about Government workings, leading to business and policy opportunities.[1]

These individuals (whose names were listed in Hansard Written Replies 1997-1999) are as follows:

The Prime Minister

Tim Allan | Dr. Iain Anderson | Alastair Campbell | Hillary Coffman | Kate Garvey | Robert Hill | Anji Hunter | Peter Hyman | Roger Liddle | Liz Lloyd | Pat McFadden | David Miliband | Fiona Miller |Geoff Mulgan | Geoffrey Norris | Jonathan Powell | Roz Preston | Lance Price | James Purnell | Derek Scott

Chief Whip

Sue Jackson | Kieran Simpson

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Cath McGlynn | Nicci Russell | Time Walker

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

Andrew Burnham | Julian Eccles | John Newbiggin

Secretary of State for Defence

Bernard Gray | Alasdair McGowan

Secretary of State for Education and Employment

Lisa Barclay | Hilary Benn | Tom Bentley | Sophie Linden | Nick Pearce | Conor Ryan

Deputy Prime Minister

Paul Hackett | Joan Hammell | Darren Murphy

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

David Clark | Andrew Hood

Secretary of State for Health

Joe McCrea | Simon Stevens

Secretary of State for the Home Department

Ruth Allen | Ed Owen | Justin Russell | Norman Warner

Secretary of State for International Development

Jessica Crowe | Daniel Harris | David Mepham | Dee Sullivan

Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords

Marianne Morris | Damien Welfare

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

Anna Healy | Nigel Warner

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

James Cornford | Andrew Lappin

President of the Council

Keith Hellawell | Ian McKenzie | Michael Trace

Secretary of State for Scotland

Wendy Alexander | Murray Elder | David Whitton

Secretary of State for Social Security

Elsbeth Johnson | Liz Kendall | John McTernan

President of the Board of Trade

Dan Corry | Sheila Watson

Minister of Transport

Kate Davies | Tony Grayling | Richard Olszewski

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ed Balls | Paul Gregg | Chris Wales | Charlie Whelan

Chief Secretary

Andrew Maugham | Ed Miliband

Secretary of State for Wales

John Adams | Julie Crowley | Huw Roberts | Gareth Williams

Unpaid advisers

Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education and Employment

Dennis Stevenson

Deputy Prime Minister

David Taylor

President of the Board of Trade

Lord Hollick

Minister without Portfolio

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

David Mathieson

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Spencer Livermore | Sue Nye


  1. GMB, "[Where are they now? The 1997/1998 Special Advisers to the Labour Government]", April 2006 Briefing for GMB, p4, accessed 10.09.10

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