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Roz Preston is a former part-time special adviser to the Labour Party.[1]


Originally an aide to Tony Blair while he was Shadow Home Secretary, in 1997 Preston was transferred to a role working for Cherie Blair; a position recalled here by her colleague Fiona Millar:

If Cherie signalled her intention to do things differently early on, a lot of things changed inside Downing Street, too. Following the precedent set by Norma Major, who fought for a part-time secretary paid for by the government, former Blair aide Roz Preston and I were taken on as a job share to deal with the diary and thousands of letters she started to receive - a job I subsequently did full-time. The whole nature of the events programme was changed as we opened it up to scores of small, low-key charities and ensured that all the big government events were attended by managers and workers from the public sector and not just the great and the good.[2]

Preston is the wife of the Labour-supporting record industry mogul John Preston.[3]

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