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Jennie Bristow in 2003

Jennie Bristow is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. She was reportedly Revolutionary Communist Students candidate for Vice President of the National Union of Students in 1993, while attending the University of Sussex[1], wrote for Living Marxism/LM from 1994[2] and was listed as affiliated to Genderwatch (another RCP front) in 1996.[3] She was part of the launch team of [4] and is a shareholder of [5] and the commissioning editor and a writer for, Spiked,[6] is a shareholder of the Academy of Ideas, the parent of the Institute of Ideas, has written for the Institute of Ideas and Novo and edits the Parents With Attitude website.

Bristow runs her own editing consultancy which seems to have mainly done work for other associates of the LM network. The Punctuate! website features testimonials from seven clients. These include three other LM network associates: Tiffany Jenkins, Ellie Lee, senior lecturer in social policy, University of Kent and Helene Guldberg, Managing Editor, spiked and formerly of Living Marxism. One further client testimonial comes from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service the director of which is LM network associate Ann Furedi.[7] Bristow also edits the BPAS journal Abortion Review. Bristow has also worked for her sometime co-author Frank Furedi on his book Wasted: Why Education Isn't Educating (Continuum 2009).

Bristow's 2009 book Standing Up To Supernanny contained chapters from LM network associates Helene Guldberg, Ellie Lee, Jane Sandeman and Jan Macvarish. The acnknowledements thanked Claire Fox, Frank Furedi, the Institute of Ideas and Spiked.

Conservative movement connections

Like many associated with the LM network Bristow has worked closely with elements of the Conservative movement. For example, with Frank Furedi she wrote a pamphlet for the conservative think tank Civitas. This project was funded by the conservative Nigel Vinson Charitable Trust, an organisation set up in 1973 by Nigel Vinson the former council member of Aims of Industry and co-founder of the Thatcherite Centre for Policy Studies. The trust mostly funds conservative think tanks such as the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Institute for Policy Research and Civitas, which in 2009 were the recipients of the three biggest grants.[8] Other organisations to which it gave grants of over £1,000 in 2008 and/or 2009 include: Hampden Trust, Politics and Economics Research Trust (mainly funds the Taxpayers' Alliance), International Policy Network, Foundation for Social and Economic Thinking (charitable arm of Politeia).[8]


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