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Novo Argumente: the German magazine affiliated with the LM network

Novo (Novo Argumente) is a German magazine which shares the libertarian anti-environmental views of the LM network. Novo Argumente was launched in 1992.[1]

Its partners are stated as including the Battle of Ideas and Spiked [2] which in turn calls it a sister magazine. [3]The magazine links to the following entities associated with the LM network: Climate Resistance, Future Cities Project, Institute of Ideas, Manifesto Club, New York Salon, Sense about Science and WORLDwrite.[4]

It is edited by Thomas Deichmann, who has had a long association with the LM network. Sub-editor, then Society and Politics editor, is Sabine Reul, who spoke at the Battle of Ideas in 2009 and was a central member of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency as early as 1977, co-authoring one of its first publications on The struggle for a revolutionary propaganda group.[5][6]


Facebook: NovoArgumente
Twitter: NovoArgumente



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