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Sabine Reul was Sub-editor, then Society and Politics editor at German magazine Novo Argumente. She has an association with the libertarian anti-environmentalist LM network through Novo Argumente, writing for Living Marxism[1] and through speaking at the Battle of Ideas in 2009[2] and 2010.[3]

Entry for Sabine Jansen as Lektorinnen in the German department in the University of Reading, 1978/9.

Reul attended Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 1969 — 1975[4][2]After graduating with an 'MA in German and English literature', Reul 'worked in England from 1975 to 1988 as a lecturer at the Universities of Kent and Reading and as a freelance journalist.'[2] There is an entry for a 'Sabine E. Jansen' in the University of Reading Calendar 1978-9 holding the post of Lektorinnen in the German Department.[5]

It seems likely that this is Sabine Reul on account of the mention of a Sabene Jansen in the Acknowledgments of Frank Furedi's 1989 book on the Mau Mau.[6] Note that the first name is spelled differently. There is certainly precedent for this in that a different close comrade had his name spelled incorrectly in the Mau Mau book. It refers to 'Kennon Malik' instead of Kenan Malik. In an earlier book Furedi thanks a Sabena Norton, a third spelling.[7] This spelling also appears in Living Marxism for Reul herself in 1994,[8] (though on other occasions the correct spelling appears[9]) and some eight and thirteen years earlier in the RCP journal Confrontation in 1986,[10] and in a 1981 article in the party journal Revolutionary Communist Papers,[11] both of which referenced Sabena Norton.

A fourth spelling is evident in one of the RCT's first publications in 1977: Sabina Norton.[12] The 1981 publication reviewed a German language book and in 2010, according to a report on the 2010 Battle of Ideas in November 2010 Reul was said by Claire Fox to be 'The woman I admire most'.[3] This might suggest a central and long term role in the RCT/RCP and then the LM network. In other words, it seems likely that Sabine Jansen, Sabene Jansen, Sabina Norton, Sabena Norton, Sabena Reul and Sabine Reul are all the same person. If this is true it suggests that Reul has had a hitherto unpublicised role in the LM network going back to the very beginning of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency in 1977. It also throws new light on her involvement with Novo Argumente the German language website and magazine which she helps to run suggesting a closer relationship than has previously been suggested.

'The woman I admire most' according to Claire Fox.[3] Sabine Reul at the 2009 Battle of Ideas.[13]

'On returning to Germany, she founded the writer and translator agency Textbüro Reul GmbH in Frankfurt am Main.'[2]


  • Society and Politics editor of the German magazine NovoArgumente
  • Owner Textbüro Reul GmbH[2]
  • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 1969 — 1975[2][4]



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