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The first publication of the RCT, March 1977.

Revolutionary Communist Papers were the 'theoretical journal' of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency/Revolutionary Communist Party published from March 1977, shortly after the founding of the RCT until late 1981, shortly after it changed its name to the RCP. The RCP did not create another 'theoretical journal' until 1986 with the shortlived Confrontation, which lasted only until 1989. Other party publications included The next step (launched as a monthly in December 1979) and Living Marxism, published from late 1988.

The list below is compiled from a variety of sources.[1]


A strong focus on Ireland from the beginning: Special issue on Ireland: British imperialism in Ireland and anti-imperialism in Britain, Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 2: May 1978, Revolutionary Communist Tendency, London: Junius Publications.

Issues 1, 2 and 3 of the Papers did not disclose the names of any editor or editorial board.

February 1979 Issue 4

Editor Frank Richards, Editorial board: Gareth Evans, Mike Freeman, Elaine Newson, Frank Richards, Reviews Elaine Newson, Production Gareth Evans

September 1979 Issue 5

Editor Frank Richards, Editorial board: Gareth Evans, Mike Freeman, Kevin Green, Fenna King

June 1980 Issue 6

Editor Frank Richards, Editorial Board Lindsay Finch, Mike Freeman, Kevin Green, Nick Jenkins, Fenna King, James Wood[2]

July 1981 Issue 7

Editor Frank Richards, Editorial Board Tony Allen, Annie Dillon, Mike Freeman, Nick Jenkins, Anita Lloyd, Marcelle Reynolds, James Wood[3]

September 1981 Issue 8

Editor Frank Richards, Editorial Board Tony Allen, Annie Dillon, Mike Freeman, Nick Jenkins, Anita Lloyd, Marcelle Reynolds, Helen Simons, James Wood[4]

Revolutionary Communist Papers


1. Chris Davies and Judith Harrison 'A retrograde step for the Marxist movement - a reply to Cde Yaffe';
2. Frank Richards and Phil Turner 'Stalinism, the Communist party and the RCG's new turn';
Appendix I, 'Cde Yaffe's "A Turning Point"';
Appendix II, 'Cde Dornhorst's "The CPGB - a comment on comrade Turner's article"'


'Editorial', p. 1-2
Mary Masters and Phil Turner 'British Imperialism and the Irish Crisis', p. 3-20.
Frank Richards, 'No Equivocation!', p. 21-28


  • The Recession: Capitalist Offensive and the Working class - a Marxist analysis of the crisis and reformism in the labour movement, Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 3: 1978, London: Junius Publications.
Editorial, p. 1-3
Tony Allen, Gareth Evans, Mike Freeman and Kate Marshall 'The Recession: Capitalist Offensive and the Working Class', p. 4-?


  • Revisionism, Imperialism and the State: A critique of the revisionist dogma of State Monopoly Capitalism, Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 4: 1979, London: Junius Publications.
Editorial, p. 2-3.
Frank Richards 'Revisionism, Imperialism and the State: the method of Capital and the dogma of State Monopoly Capitalism', p. 4-27.
Keith Tompson, 'Wage control and working class independence: the record of British Stalinism', p. 28-32.
Andrew Clarkson, 'Review: Sean MacStiofain: Memoirs of a Revolutionary', p. 33


  • Frank Richards, Alan Harding, Andre Robinson, Peter Wilson, Charles Longford THE BATTLE FOR AFRICA: Showdown in Zimbabwe: The Rape of Zaire: The Scramble for Africa Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 5: 1979 Junius Publications Ltd 48 p.
Frank Richards, The Scramble for Africa', p.5-19.
Alan Harding, 'The rape of Zaire', p. 20-9.
Andre Robinson, 'Showdown in Zimbabwe', p. 30-45.
Peter Wilson 'C Perrings Black Mineworkers in Central Africa', p. 46
Charles Longford 'B Magubane, The political economy of race and class in South Africa', p. 46.


Frank Richards 'Editorial: The Middle East heads for war', 19 May 1980, p. 1-3
Nick Jenkins and Inez Landa 'Khomeini's capitalism: the imperialists close in', p. 4-27
No author listed, 'Iran's national minorities', p. 28.
Tony Allen, 'Rereading Capital' Review of 'Revising Capital', B Fine and L Harris, p. 29.
Charles Longford Review of R H Davies Capital, State and white labour in South Africa 1900-1960, p. 30.
Bela Horvat, 'The impenetrable curtain', p. 30.


Frank Richards, 'Editorial: Their alternative and ours', p. 1-2.
Tony Allen, 'World in recession', p. 3-21.
Mike Freeman '"Self-activity" makes you blind: A reply to Alex Callinicos and the SWP', p. 22-26
Andrew Clarkson and Phil Murphy 'The Loyalist working class', p. 27-36.
Reviews: Frank Richards, 'Imperialism and the crisis' Warren, Mandel, Day and Hilferding, p. 36-7
Tony Allen, 'Philosphy and revolution': G Pilling, Marx's Capital, p. 37-8.


  • Prolonging the death agony: The rise, fall and reconstitution of social democracy, Revolutionary Communist Papers No.8., Revolutionary Communist Party, Sept 1981.
'Editorial', p. 1-2.
Frank Richards 'Prolonging the death agony. The rise, fall and reconstitution of social democracy', p.3-20
Bob Radcliffe 'British Trotskyism, social democracy and the entry tactic: the experience of the 'thirties', p. 21-27.
Sabena Norton 'The state within the state: An appreciation of G E Zinoviev's Der Krieg und die Krise des Sozialismus', p. 28-29
Andrew Clarkson, 'A Greek tragedy: Greece: from resistance to civil war', p. 30.
James Wood, 'The belated rise of French 'Socialism', p. 31.
RCP Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 8 'Prolonging the Death Agony', September 1981.
Inside back cover of Ireland's Victory Means Britain's Defeat: the Role of the Labour Movement (Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets) Revolutionary Communist Tendency 1980 Junius Publications Ltd 24p.


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