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Below is a list of the top 250 richest people in the UK according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2022.[1]

Rank 2022 (2021) Name Worth Rise/Fall Source of wealth
1 (3) Sri Hinduja, Gopi Hinduja and family £28.472bn £11.472bn Industry and finance
2 (4) Sir James Dyson and family £23bn £6.7bn Household goods and technology: Dyson
3 (2) David Reuben, Simon Reuben and family £22.265bn £800m Property and internet
4 (1) Sir Leonard Blavatnik £20bn £3bn Investment, music and media
5 (33) Guillaume Pousaz £19.259bn £13.716bn Online payments:
6 (5) Lakshmi Mittal and family £17bn £2.32bn Steel: ArcelorMittal
7 (10) Guy Weston, George Weston, Alannah Weston and Galen Weston and family £13.5bn £2.5bn Retailing
8 (7) Kirsten Rausing and Jorn Rausing £12bn £1bn Inheritance and investment
9 (9) Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken and Michel de Carvalho £11.421bn £592m Inheritance, brewing and banking
10= (18) Michael Platt £10bn £2bn Hedge fund
10= (6) Alisher Usmanov £10bn £3.406bn Mining and investment
12 (12) Hugh Grosvenor and family £9.726bn £328m Property
13 (21) Barnaby Swire, Merlin Swire and family £9.6bn £3.1bn Industry, transport and property
14 (13) Marit Rausing, Lisbet Rausing, Sigrid Rausing and Hans Rausing £9.49bn No change Inheritance: Tetra Laval
15 (15) Anil Agarwal £9.6bn £200m Mining: Verdanta Resources
16 (17) Denise Coates, John Coates and Peter Coates £8.637bn £189m Gambling: Bet365
17 (19) John Fredriksen and family £8.311bn £480m Shipping and oil services
18 (120=) Christoph Henkel and family £8.308bn £6.908bn Chemicals: Henkel
19 (11) Mikhail Fridman £8.222bn £2.575bn Industry: Alfa Group and Letter One
20 (48) Moshe Kantor £8bn £4.478bn Chemicals: Acron
21 (39) Idan Ofer £7.296bn £2.73bn Shipping and industry
22 (16) François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek £7.125bn £1.55bn Fashion and films: Kering
23 (28) Anders Holch Povlsen £6.5bn £500m Fashion: Bestseller and Asos
24 (31) Nicky Oppenheimer and family £6.456bn £659m Diamonds and mining
25 (28=) The Barclay family (David and Frederick) £6.205bn £205m Property: media and internet retailing
26 (23) Stephen Rubin and family £6.1bn £294m Sportswear: Pentland and JD Sports
27 (25) Sir Jim Ratcliffe £6.075bn £255m Chemicals: Ineos
28 (8) Roman Abramovich £6bn £6.101bn Oil and industry
29 (20) German Khan and Anzhelika Khan £5.8bn £1.367bn Industry: Alfa Group and Letter One
30 (22) Sir Henry Keswick and family 5.703bn £768m Property, retailing and hotels
31 (27) Ian Livingstone and Richard Livingstone £5.7bn £400m Property and gambling: Evolution
32 (24) David Brudenell-Bruce and family £5.691bn £679m Property
33 (32) Igor Bukhman and Dmitry Bukhman £5.5bn £152m Games: Playrix
34 (30) John Grayken £5.366bn £504m Property and investment
35 (42) Nathan Kirsh 5.208bn £1.03bn Cash and carry, property and investment
36 (165=) Nik Storonsky £5.2bn £4.2bn Financial services: Revolut
37 (40) Tom Morris and family £5.127bn £766m Discount stores: Home Bargains
38 (43) Carrie Perrodo, François Perrodo and family £5bn £1.087bn Oil, gas and wine
39 (37) Moshin Issa and Zuber Issa £4.73bn £50m Fuel distribution and supermarkets
40 (35) Leonie Schroder and family £4.642bn £573m Finance
41 (36) Sri Prakash Lohia £4.37bn £413m Textiles and plastics
42 (38) Anthony Bamford £4.32bn £275m Construction equipment: JCB
43 (41) Joe Lewis £4.285bn £45m Foreign exchange and investment
44 (45) Sir Richard Branson and family £4.2bn £410m Transport, finance and fitness clubs
45 (34) Alexey Kuzmichev £4.15bn £1.307bn Industry: Alfa Group and Letter One
46= (50=) Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman £4bn £500m Internet
46= (44) Teddy Sagi £4bn £162m Software and property
48 (49) Mark Scheinberg £3.632bn £407m Gambling: PokerStars
49 (46) Mary Hazel Caridwen Scott-Ellis and family £3.632bn £90m Property
50 (70) Johan Eliasch £3.6bn £1.2bn Sports equipment: Head
51 (50) Eddie Zakay and Sol Zakay £3.4bn £100m Property
52 (47) Glenn Gordon and family 3.395bn £200m Spirits: William Grant & Sons
53 (58) Jamie Gilinski £3.333bn £579m Finance
54 (52) Mark Pears and family £3.312bn £32m Property
55 (117) Vladimir Kim £3.28bn £1.853bn Mining: Kaz Minerals
56= (53) Laurence Graff and Francois Graff £3bn £200m Diamonds
56= (NEW) Daniel Kretinsky £3bn New entry Energy, telecoms, media and football
56= (NEW) Hilton Schlosberg £3bn New entry Drinks: Monster
59 (61) Mike Ashley £2.995bn £277m Sports equipment and fashion
60 (68) Jean-François Decaux and family £2.95bn £480m Media and advertising
61 (55) Benzion Freshwater and family £2.908bn £52m Property
62 (54) Yakir Gabay £2.9bn £100m Property
63 (57) Alan Parker £2.8bn £46m Duty-free shopping
64 (65=) Clive Calder £2.75bn £250m Music: Zomba
65 (60) Sammy Tak Lee and family £2.731bn No change Property
66 (63) Inna Gudavadze £2.65bn No change Inheritance
67 (65=) Sir Chris Hohn £2.6bn £100m Hedge fund
68 (114) Geoffrey Warren £2.552bn £1.107bn Car sales and property: Cargiant
69 (64) Simon Arora, Bobby Arora and Robin Arora £2.543bn £19m Discount stores: B&M
70 (72) Tony Murray and family £2.53bn £230m Plant hire, property and fire protection
71 (110) Telis Mistakidis £2.513bn £1.016bn Commodities: Glencore
72= (96=) Navin Engineer and Varsha Engineer £2.5bn £800m Pharmaceuticals: Chemidex
72= (82=) Swarj Paul and family £2.5bn £500m Industry
74 (65=) Bernie Ecclestone and family £2.499bn £1m Motor racing
75 (56) Kiran Mazumdar-shaw, John Shaw and family £2.496bn £446m Pharmaceuticals: Biocon
76 (70) Alejandro Santo Domingo and Charlotte Wellesley £2.41bn £10m Inheritance, brewing and investment
77 (82=) John Christodoulou £2.35bn £350m Property
78 (79=) Chris Dawson and Sarah Dawson £2.25bn £200m Discount stores: The Range
79 (82=) Robert Miller and Marie-Chantal £2.2bn £200m Duty-free shopping, fashion and finance
80 (59) Alki David and the Leventis family £2.193bn £560m Drinks and media: Coca Cola HBC
81 (73) Maritsa Lazari and family £2.125bn £99m Property
82 (74) Andy Currie £2.118bn £102m Chemicals: Ineos
83 (75=) John Reese £2.107bn £93m Chemicals: Ineos
84 (79=) Douw Steyn and family £2.1bn £50m Insurance: Comparethemarket
85 (129) John Bloor £2.079bn £804m Construction and motorcycles: Triumph
86 (69) Peter Hargreaves £2.068bn £342m Finance: Hargreaves Lansdown
87 (112) Henri Beaufour £2.068bn £570m Pharmaceuticals: Ipsen
88 (113) Johnny Boufarhat £2.06bn £614m Internet: Hpoin
89= (82=) Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani £2bn No change Investment and property
89= (187) Alex Gerko £2bn £1.125bn Finance
89= (159) Strive Masiyiwa £2bn £913m Telecoms
89= (62) Nicholas Roditi and family £2bn £701m Investment
89= (99) Georg von Opel and Emily von Opel £2bn £346m Finance and property
94 (89) Wafic Said £1.985bn No change Finance and property
95 (91) Simon Nixon £1.925bn £125m Finance and property
96 (82=) Christopher Portman and family £1.9bn £100m Property
97 (100) Thor Bjorgolfsson £1852bn £252m Finance and investment
98 (104) Sir Dennis Gillings and Mireille Gillings £1.831bn £274m Pharmaceuticals: IQVIA
99 (147) Jasminder Singh and family 1.824bn £644m Hotels: Edwardian
100 (90) Sir Ian Wood and family £1.819bn No change Oil services and fishing
101 (77) Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and family £1.809bn £366m Aviation: easyJet
102 (94) Paul Coulson and family £1.79bn £25m Packaging: Ardagh
103 (92) Sir Will Adderley and family £1.78bn £9m Home furnishings: Dunelm
104 (133=) Chris Rokos £1.75bn £500m Hedge fund
105= (107=) Sir Michael Hintze £1.7bn £200m Hedge fund
105= (82=) Farhad Moshiri £1.7bn £300m Investment and football: Everton
107 (96=) Mohamed Al Fayed and family £1.699bn £1m Retailing: Harrods
108 (98) Mahdi al-Tajir £1.685bn £2m Metals, oil, and water: Highland Spring
109 (101) John Gore £1.681bn £102m Entertainment
110 (NEW) Saket Burman £1.654bn New Entry Consumer goods: Dabur
111 (95) Jonas Kampard and Mathias Kampard £1.63bn £109m Retailing: Ikea
112 (120=) John Whittaker and family £1.6bn £200m Property: Peel Group
113 (105) Peter Harris and family £1.585bn £62m Hotels and caravan parks
114 (130) The Thomson Family £1.585bn £314m Media : D C Thomson
115 (103) John Caudwell £1.58bn £14m Mobile phones: Phones4u
116 (156) Henry Moser and family £1.565bn £463m Finance: Together
117 (107=) Alan Howard £1.55bn £50m Hedge fund
118 (106) Adam Fleming £1.523bn £2m Finance
119 (111) Poju Zabludowicz and Anita Zabludowicz £1.495bn No change Property and hotels
120 (137) Fred Done and Peter Done £1.476bn £241m Gambling: Betfred
121 (158) Alex Beard £1.464bn £373m Commodities: Glencore
122 (115) Bernard Lewis and family £1.439bn £1m Fashion and property: River Island
123 (126) Jon Hunt £1.436bn £91m Estate Agency & Property
124 (122) Niklas Zennstrom £1.425bn £28m Internet and software: Skype
125= (107=) Richard Desmond £1.4bn £100m Media and property: Northern & Shell
125= (123) Stefan Sten Olsson £1.4bn £23m Shipping
127 (26) Denis Sverdlov £1.397bn £4.776bn Electric vehicles: Arrival
128 (217) Yan Huo £1.367bn £619m Hedge fund
129 (NEW) Sandy Easdale and James Easdale £1.363bn New entry Transport and property
130= (N/A) Malcolm Healey and family £1.35bn £77m Kitchens: Wren and property
130= (204) Tom Langley £1.35bn £560m Engineering
132 (233) Stephen Fitzpatrick £1.34bn £665m Transport and energy
133 (138=) Douglas Perkins and Mary Perkins and family £1.33bn £130m Opticians: Specsavers
134 (119) Mike Danson £1.28bn £128m Media
135 (151) Philomena Clark and family £1.267bn £126m Car sales: Arnold Clark
136 (132) Michael Ashcroft and family £1.266bn £9m Business services
137 (138=) Charles Spencer £1.262bn £62m Finance
138 (145) Surinder Arora and family £1.255bn £70m Hotels
139 (125) Sir Anwar Pervez and family £1.253bn £111m Cash and carry: Bestway
140= (133=) Andrey Andreev £1.25bn No change Internet: Badoo
140= (157) Sir Tony Gallagher £1.25bn £150m Property
140= (128) Raj Matharu, Tony Matharu, Harpal Matharu and family £1.25bn £50m Property and hotels: Grange
140= (149) Sunil Vaswani and family £1.25bn £91m Transport and food: Stallion Group
144 (135) Mary Haughey and family £1.247bn No change Pharmaceuticals: Norbrook
145 (131) Trond Mohn Westlake and Marit Mohn Westlake and family £1.245bn £14m Industry
146 (124) Steve Lansdown £1.237bn £128m Finance: Hargreaves Lansdown
147 (136) Sir Terry Matthews £1.23bn £10m Computers
148 (138=) Sir Cameron Mackintosh £1.205bn £5m Entertainment
149= (138=) John Armitage £1.2bn No change Hedge fund
149= (138=) John Suenson-Taylor and the Moores family £1.2bn No change Retailing and football pools
149= (NEW) Geeta Gupta-Fiska and Henrik Fisker £1.2bn New entry Electric vehicles: Fisker
149= (138=) Elisabeth Murdoch £1.2bn No change Media
149= (160) Jonathan Harmsworth and family £1.2bn £120m Media
154= (148) Henning Conle and family £1.182bn £14m Property: Sirosa
154= (146) Nadhmi Auchi £1.182bn No change Finance
156 (102) Mark Coombs £1.18bn £394m Finance
157 (150) Peter Jones and family £1.167bn £10m Property
158 (152) Graham Kirkham and family £1.14bn No change Furniture and investments: DFS
159 (116) Mark Dixon £1.135bn £302m Serviced offices
160= (153) Yelena Baturina £1.133bn No change Construction
160= (173) Charles Cayzer and family £1.133bn £174m Finance
162 (93) Sir David McMurtry £1.13bn £650m Engineering: Renishaw
163 (162) David Sullivan and Jack Sullivan and family £1.118bn £78m Property, football and media
164 (NEW) Eugene Shvidler £1.1bn New entry Oil, gas and investment
165 (165) Christina Ong and family £1.089bn £89m Retailing and hotels
166 (138=) Alan Sugar £1.088bn £112m Property
167 (161) Jacob Rothschild and family £1.083bn £31m Finance
168 (163) Peter Kelly £1.065bn £30m Software: Softcat
169= (164) Richard Caring £1.05bn £45m Restaurants and property
169= (165=) Howard Shore £1.05bn £50m Finance
171 (212=) James Martin, John Martin and family £1.029bn £255m Ejection seats
172 (165=) Ursula Bechtolsheimer-Kipp and family £1.007bn £7m Inheritance and hotels: Tschuggen
173= (165=) William Bollinger £1bn No change Hedge fund
173= (175) Arthur Guinness and family £1bn £66m Brewing and property
173= (165=) Vladimir Makhlai £1bn No change Industry
173= (174) Urs Schwarzenbach £1bn £54m Foreign exchange
173= (NEW) Vlad Yatsenko £1bn New entry Financial services: Revolut
178 (165=) Jim McColl £996m £4m Engineering: Clyde Blowers
179 (190) Mike Lynch and Angela Bacares £988m £123m Software: Autonomy and Darktrace
180 (207) Marcus Evans £975m £189m Business services
181 (172) Tom Sandell £962m £10m Hedge fund
182 (154) Henry Engelhardt and Diane Briere de L'Isle £956m £170m Insurance: Admiral
183 (178) Caspar MacDonald-Hall and family £954m £45m Property
184 (193) Christian Angermayer £950m £100m Finance
185 (182=) Roy Richardson and family £945m £50m Property
186 (242) William Morrison and Eleanor Kernighan and family £927m £286m Supermarkets: Morrisons
187 (177) Philip Green and Tina Green £910m No change Retailing
188 (179) Luke Comer and Brian Comer £909m £3m Property
189 (127) Peter Cruddas and Fiona Cruddas £907m £414m Finance
190 (180) Roger De Haan and Peter De Haan £905m £5m Travel and insurance: Saga
191= (182=) Peregrine Cavendish £900m £5m Land and art
191= (226=) Ben Francis and family £900m £200m Sportswear: Gymshark
191= (186) Ellis Short £900m £20m Finance
194 (202=) Mo Ibrahim £889m £92m Mobile phones
195 (219) Gerald Ronson and family £887m £152m Property and fuel distribution
196 (188) Peter Smedvig and Anna Margaret Smedvig and family £880m £8m Shipping, oil and gas services
197 (189) Patricia Thompson and family £869m No change Food and horseracing
198= (NEW) Kristo Kaarmann £865m New entry Finance: Wise
198= (196=) Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell £865m £45m Music and transport
200 (176) Manfred Gorvy and family £861m £60m Property and food
201 (198) Peter Wood £860m £45m Insurance: esure
202 (196=) Joanne Rowling £850m £30m Novels and films
203 (209=) Charles Dunstone £815m £40m Mobile phones
204 (199) Andy Brown £812m £1m Hedge fund
205 (201) Peter Green and family £805m No change Mining and inheritance
206 (209=) Peter Rigby, James Rigby and Steve Rigby £804m £29m Computers, aviation and hotels
207 (212=) Jack Kirkland and family £803m £29m Construction
208= (184) Phillip Gabriel and family £800m £92m Property
208= (191=) Martin Naughton and family £800m £58m Household goods: Glen Dimplex
210 (185) Steve Morgan £789m £92m Construction: Redrow
211 (208) Ruth Parasol and family £780m No change Gambling: Bwin
212= (209=) Jonathan Doria Pamphilj and Gesine Doria Pamphilj £775m No change Inheritance
212= (214) Paul Sykes £775m £5m Property
212= (234) Ross Turner £775m £122m Hedge fund
215 (205=) Andrew Russell £774m £13m Land and art
216 (181) Robert Edmiston £763m £134m Car sales and property
217 (205=) Irvine Laidlaw £759m £28m Conferences
218= (N/A) Carol Healey and family £750m £23m Property
218= (NEW) Andrew Law £750m New entry Hedge fund
220 (218) Freddie Linnett and the Murphy family £744m £3m Property
221 (222) Fawn James and India Rose James £738m £17m Property: Soho Estates
222= (229) Bill Ainscough, Will Ainscough and Richard Ainscough £730m £42m Property
222= (220) Slavica Ecclestone £730m No change Divorce
222= (NEW) Akshata Murty and Rishi Sunak £730m New entry Technology and hedge fund
225 (118) Mahmud Kamani and family £720m £702m Internet retailing: Boohoo
226= (228) Chris Oglesby and family £716m £20m Property: Bruntwood
226= (224) William Vestey and family £716m £1m Meat
228 (225) Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild £713m £11m Finance and media
229 (223) Lloyd Dorfman and family £712m £8m Foreign exchange and property
230= (NEW) Kirsty Bertarelli £700m New entry Divorce and songwriting
230= (NEW) Alfie Best and family £700m New entry Property and caravan parks
230= (221) Tom Hunter £700m £29m Retailing and property
230= (226=) May Makhzoumi and family £700m No change Industry
230= (78) Matt Moulding and Jodie Moulding £700m £1.4bn Internet retailing: THG
230= (NEW) Guy Podjarny £700m New entry Cybersecurity: Snyk
230= (NEW) Matthew Riley £700m New entry Telecoms and IT
237 (235=) Brian Souter and Ann Gloag £696m £46m Transport: Stagecoach
238= (239=) Paul Marshall £680m £35m Hedge fund
238= (239=) Ian Wace £680m £35m Hedge fund
240 (NEW) Haya Bint Al-Hussein and family £670m New entry Divorce
241 (243) Charles Gallagher and family £669m £29m Construction
242 (NEW) Paul Day and family £668m New entry Transport and park homes
243 (NEW) Alastair Powell and Michael Powell £667m New entry Cables and property
244 (230) Clinton McCarthy, Spencer McCarthy and John McCarthy £662m £19m Construction
245 (NEW) Tim Knowles £661m New entry Property
246 (235=) George Logothetis, Constantine Logothetis and family £660m £10m Shipping, property and aviation
247= (NEW) John Coulter and Ann Jones £650m New entry Retail and property
247= (NEW) Taavet Hinrikus £650m New entry Finance: Wise
247= (238) The Jatania brothers £650m £2m Toiletries, property and fashion
247= (NEW) Philip Meeson £650m New entry Aviation: Jet2

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