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Below is a table detailing the known affiliations of the top 30 experts from the UK Television List. The table is followed by analysis of this data.

Table Showing Past and Present Affiliations of Experts

Terror Experts
Column A: Tenure at academic institution
Column B: Employee of Private Security/Intelligence firm
Column C: Member of government or law enforcement agency
Column D: Member of military or intelligence services
Column E: Member of private think-tanks or research institute
Column F: Media employee or independent journalist (not including contract work)
No. Name of Expert A B C D E F
1Peter Clarke     ×      
2Michael Clarke ×       ×  
3Dan Plesch ×       ×  
4Crispin Black   ×   ×    
5M. J. Gohel   ×        
6Charles Shoebridge   × × ×    
7Patrick Mercer       ×   ×
8Eric Moonman ×          
9Jason Burke           ×
10John O'Connor     ×      
11Will Geddes   ×        
12Richard Clarke     ×      
13Neil Doyle           ×
14John Gearson ×          
15Sajjan Gohel   ×        
16Benjamin Netanyahu     ×      
17 Paul Wilkinson ×     × ×  
18Michael Dewar       × ×  
19Sally Leivesley   × ×      
20David Veness     ×      
21Bill Durodie ×       ×  
22Peter Power   × ×      
23Kevin Toolis           ×
24Paul Beaver   ×   × × ×
25Paul Eedle           ×
26Hazhir Teimourian           ×
27David Claridge   ×     ×  
28Anthony Cordesman ×   ×   ×  
29Rohan Gunaratna ×   ×   ×  
30Mustafa Alani         ×  


Half of the experts (15 out of 30) are currently or have previously been a member of state institutions such as government, security or intelligence services, policing or the military.

A third of the experts (10 out of 30) are currently or have previously been members of private think-tanks or research institutes. Of the remaining 20, 13 are currently or have previously worked in private security or intelligence firms, or alternatively state institutions such as government, security or intelligence, policing or military service.

Of the remaining 7 ‘independent’ experts with no affiliation to state or private institutions, two are academics; namely Eric Moonman and John Gearson. Although neither have any technical affiliation for the purpose of this study, both are nevertheless clearly associated with state and corporate power. Moonman is a former Member of Parliament and is President of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, and Gearson has acted as an advisor to the Commons Defence Select Committee on Defence Policy and the City of London Corporation.[1]

Five of the seven ‘independent’ experts are journalists, namely Hazhir Teimourian, Jason Burke, Kevin Toolis, Neil Doyle and Paul Eedle.

  1. Academic Staff Pages Dr John Gearson, accessed 14 February 2008