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Will Geddes

Will Geddes is the founder and now managing director of the London-based International Corporate Protection (ICP), one of the UK's first corporate security consultants offering 'Threat Management Services'. These include; Personal Security & Protection, Corporate Security Services, Specialist & Corporate Training Programmes, Investigations & Intelligence Services, Hi-Tech Security & Protective Equipment. [1]. In Iraq ICP boast "representation country-wide since Desert Storm (1991)" and the fact that "ICP Group Ltd protection employees are only either former British and US Special Forces or Elite Forces personnel."[2]

In his own words, Will Geddes is:

"One of the world's leading specialists in counter terrorism, kidnap, direct action groups, personal security & close protection services.
"He is a regular specialist commentator and analyst for CNN, BBC, ITN, Channel 4, Channel 5, LBC, The Economist, The Times Newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, NBC, ABC, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, to name a few.[3]


The Current Climate

The following two articles illustrate Mr Geddes' views on the current climate:

In an article from The Daily Telegraph entitled "So how, exactly, do we spot a suicide bomber?"[4] from 2005, he offers the following advice:

People who are about to undertake something high-risk will be perspiring. Look at their hands - where are they? In their pockets? Next thing: eyes. Are they furtive? Are they looking at the exit? Are they looking around the carriage? Are they making an obvious attempt not to make eye contact? Be conscious of the whole picture."
Any terrorist group that has been watching the news will say, 'These guys are going to get caught in hours. They've exposed themselves to CCTV. They may make more effort to disguise themselves next time."

In another, entitled "On The Move : The fear of arriving - the newest anxiety" from The International Herald Tribune[5] Geddes adds:

"Do not use your mobile, take out your laptop or make notes while you're in the immigration hall unless you want to get pulled out of line and questioned. It could be perceived that you are gathering or passing on information or taking photos of the layout, as the advance guy for a terrorist group."

In the past Geddes has also urged the business world to adopt practices of "accurate SWAT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - can mean that a company handles a crisis well and turn it into a productive PR opportunity," said Mr. Geddes.[6]. He continues:

Businesses need both preventative and reactive measures in place to protect their business from the increasing threat of terrorism. Since 1968 there have been around 3,500 terrorist attacks, and of these, two-thirds have happened in the last five years. With such a fast increase in terrorist attacks from a range of groups, businesses can't be complacent. Crisis management and contingency planning are not sufficient. Resiliance to the threat of terrorism has become a person responsibility. Businesses need to develop a 'compound mentality.' They need to concentrate on building their walls high enough and strong enough to protect themselves and their employees".


Will Geddes is listed as a speaker in the Futurists / Specialists sector from City Speakers International [7]. His fee is in the £4000-£7000 range.


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