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Paul Beaver

Paul Eli Beaver (born 3 April 1953) is a former journalist, defence consultant and counter-terrorism expert. He has also been a Territorial Army officer and has worked on military PR campaigns. He appears regularly on British television as a pundit on terrorism and security issues.[1] He is also a signatory of the Statement of Principles of the British neoconservative think-tank the Henry Jackson Society.[2]


According to Beaver Westminster’s webpage:

Paul Beaver is a journalist, broadcaster, commentator and independent defence / aerospace consultant with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the defence and aerospace business.

In 2003, he was appointed a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Defence Committee and has since been fully engaged in the Lessons of Iraq, Defence White Paper and other key Inquiries by the Committee.
Paul’s staff posts at Jane’s included Naval Editor, then Managing Editor of Jane’s Yearbooks, before taking over Jane’s Defence Weekly in 1989. Until July 2001, he was the Group Spokesman for Jane’s.
His key media successes include presenting for Sky News during the Gulf War 1990-91, Bosnia 1994-96, Kosovo 1998-99, Sierra Leone 2000-01, Macedonia 2001; CNN for Clinton summits, VE-Day and D-Day Remembered; BBC News as lead analyst for post 9/11 and for the Iraq War in 2003. He appears almost nightly on Discovery Channel, History Channel or Discovery Wings.
He has written several thousand aviation and defence articles, authored 48 books and travelled widely in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.
He has been a Commissioned Officer in the UK Territorial Army for 20 years, including a training appointment as a junior officer in First Battalion The Wessex Regiment (Volunteers), aircrew duties in 666 Squadron Army Air Corps, appointments in Media Operations and he is now the ranking TA officer in the Army Air Corps (Volunteers). * 27 years in defence, aerospace and media including Jane’s, BBC and national newspapers

  • Founded Beaver Westminster in 2004
  • Specialist advisor to Defence Committee in House of Commons
  • TA officer (army aviator & information campaign planner)
  • Extensive network of commercial, political and military contacts.[3]


Contact information

Beaver Westminster Limited
45 Great Peter Street
T: 020 7799 4212
F: 020 7799 4217



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