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David Claridge was a founder member of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence and then Honorary Senior Research Fellow. In 2001 Claridge established Janusian Security Risk Management Limited, a private military intelligence and security company, as a subsidiary of the political risk firm The Risk Advisory Group. The company claimed to be the first Western security firm with an independent operational office and a country manager permanently based in Iraq. In the press statement accompanying its launch, Janusian acknowledges their link with the CSTPV in this collaboration, which 'includes shared access to research, intelligence sources and databases, and the expertise of the Centre's staff, as well as the development of sector-specific studies into areas of political risk'.[1]

Accroding to his Risk Advisory group biography:

David Claridge is a recognised specialist in the assessment of terrorist threats. He has worked in the security consultancy industry since 1998, assisting predominantly commercial clients to identify, quantify and manage the risk to their operations from terrorism and other forms of asymmetric warfare. He was involved in establishing the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews, and was operational director of the Centre prior to entering the private sector. He received his PhD in international relations from the University of St Andrews.[2]

Claridge is recognised as an 'expert' on terrorism in the mainstream media and has been called upon as a commentator by CNN and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.[3]


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