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This page compiles publications by Frank Furedi, Professor of sociology at the University of Kent, the intellectual guru of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency/Revolutionary Communist Party/Living Marxism and the LM network. The list includes materials originally published under Furedi's Party names Frank Richards and Linda Ryan.

Frank Furedi in a pamphlet published by the neo-con connected think tank Civitas. The pamphlet also featured articles by moral conservative stalwart Robert Whelan and LM network associate Alex Standish
LM network resources
Furedi writing for the Thatcherite Centre for Policy Studies. Apparently no contradiction for a former Marxist or a contemporary liberal humanist
Cover of Poland's black December, by Frank Richards published for the Revolutionary Communist Party by Junius Publications, January 1982.
Frank Richards, The miners' next step, 1984, Junius Publications
Confrontation, Issue 1, the 'theoretical journal' of the Revolutionary Communist Party, 1986, Junius Publications.
Cover of Confrontation, No.2, showing articles by both Linda Ryan and Frank Richards. Both names were pseudonyms for Revolutionary Communist Party leader Frank Furedi.





Journal articles, book chapters, research reports and pamphlets




  • Frank Richards 'Editorial: The Middle East heads for war', 19 May 1980, p. 1-3, 'Khomeini's Capitalism: The Imperialists close In', Revolutionary Communist Papers No. 6: 1980, London: Junius Publications.
  • Frank Richards, 'Editorial: Their alternative and ours', p. 1-2. 'World in Recession', Revolutionary Communist Papers, No 7 July 1981.
Reviews: Frank Richards, 'Imperialism and the crisis' Warren, Mandel, Day and Hilferding, p. 36-7
Frank Richards 'Prolonging the death agony. The rise, fall and reconstitution of social democracy', Revolutionary Communist Papers No.8., Revolutionary Communist Party, Sept 1981, p.3-20
  • Frank Richards, Poland's black December /​ [Revolutionary Communist Party]. Revolutionary Communist Party (Great Britain) London (BCM, JPLTD, WC1N 3XX) : Junius, c1982. 27 p. : ill. ; 22cm. Revolutionary Communist pamphlets ; no.12
  • Frank Richards The miners' next step, London: Junius Publications, July 1984, ISBN 0-950 8404-6-7


  • Frank Richards, 'Marxism in our time', Confrontation Number 1 Summer 1986. London: Junius Publications Ltd, June 1986, p. 4-31.
  • Linda Ryan, 'Labour or The Red Front?, Confrontation, No. 2, Summer 1987, London: Junius Publications, ISSN 0269-9966, p. 7-30.
  • Frank Richards, 'The myth of state capitalism', Confrontation, No. 2, Summer 1987, London: Junius Publications, ISSN 0269-9966, p. 87-113.
  • Frank Richards and Mike Freeman, 'The third Thatcher term' Confrontation, No. 4, Summer 1988, July, London: Junius Publications, ISSN 0269-9966, p. 85-144.
  • Frank Richards, 'Thesis on Stalinism in the Gorbachev Era', In:- Confrontation, No. 5, 1989(a), Junius Publications, London.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Britain's Colonial Emergencies and the Invisible Nationalists', Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 2, no 3, 1989, pp.240-264


  • Frank Furedi, 'Britain's Colonial Wars: Playing the Ethnic Card', The Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, March 1990, pp.70-89
  • Frank Furedi, 'Decolonisation Through Counterinsurgency' in A. Gorst and S. Lucas (eds.), Themes in Contemporary History, Francis Pinter, 1991, pp.141-169
  • Frank Furedi and Joan Hoey Who are the C2s? A Social and Political Attitudes Survey. Basildon, 1992. Research report, 1992.[1][2]
  • Frank Furedi, 'Creating a Breathing Space: The Political Management of Colonial Emergencies', The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, vol.21, no.3, September 1993. (Republished in R. Holland ed. Emergencies and Disorder in the European Empires After 1945, Frank Cass 1994)
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The Enthronement of Low Expectations: Fukuyama's Ideological Compromise for Our Time' in Christopher Bertram and Andrew Chitty (eds), Has History Ended?: Fukuyama, Marx, Modernity, Avebury, 1994, ISBN-13: 978-1856289597
  • Frank Furedi, 'Struggle for Kenya - The Loss and Reassertion of Imperial Initiative', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Volume: 22, Issue: 3, Pages: 585-586, Published: September 1994.

1995 - 1999

  • Frank Furedi, 'Colonialism's Culture - Anthropology, Travel and Government', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Volume: 23, Issue: 2, Pages: 376-377, Published: May 1995.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Racism After Race-Relations', British Journal of Sociology, Volume: 46, Issue: 3, Pages: 550-551, Published: September 1995.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Contesting Colonial Hegemony - State and Society in Africa and India', Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Volume: 24, Issue: 1, Pages: 157-159, Published: 1996.
  • Frank Furedi, `Futurology' in International Encyclopedia of Business and Management, vol.2, Thomson Business Press, 1996.
  • Frank Furedi, 'The International Impact of a Pill Panic', BCT, 1996, pp. 38
  • Frank Furedi and Ann Furedi, The International Impact of a Pill Panic in the UK 1996 The Birth Control Trust.[3]
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Dangers of Safety' in Sue Elworthy and Jane Holdereds, Environmental Protection; Texts and Materials, Butterworths, 1997, pp. 17-18, ISBN-13: 978-0406037701
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Moral Condemnation of the South' in C Thomas (ed.), New Perspectives on International Relations, Macmillan 1997, pp. 76-89
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Futurology’ in Malcolm Warner (ed.}, The Concise International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management, International Thomson Press, 1997, ISBN-13: 978-1861521149
  • Frank Furedi, 'Mau Mau from below', African Affairs, Volume: 97, Issue: 386, Pages: 135-136, Published: Jan 1998.
  • Frank Furedi, 'New Britain - A Nation of Victims’, Society, February 1998
  • Frank Furedi, 'Population and development: A critical introduction', Journal of Developing Areas, Volume: 32, Issue: 3, Pages: 404-406, 1998.
  • Frank Furedi, S Rowland, C Byron, N Padfield & T Smyth, ‘Turning Academics into Teachers’, Teaching in Higher Education, vol.3, no.2, June 1998.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Imperialism, academe and nationalism: Britain and university education for Africans, 1860-1960', Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Volume: 36, Issue: 2, Pages: 163-163, Published: July 1998.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Alvin Toffler’,in Malcolm Warner (ed.), The International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management. The Handbook of Management Thinking, International Thomson Press, 1998, ISBN-13: 978-1861521620
  • Frank Furedi, 'Courting Mistrust: The Hidden Growth of a Culture of Litigation in Britain, Centre for Policy Studies, 1999, ISBN-13: 978-1897969953
  • Frank Furedi, 'Complaining Britain', Society, June 1999.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Diseasing the Workplace', Journal of Occupational Health Review, November 1999
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The New Etiquette’ in C Levitt, S Davies, N McLaughlin (eds.), Mistaken Identities; the Second Wave of Controversy over “Political Correctness”, Peter Lang Pub Inc, 1999, ISBN-13: 978-0820441375
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Demobilized African Soldier and the Blow to White Prestige’ in David Killingray and David Omissi (eds.), Guardians of Empire, Manchester University Press, 1999, ISBN-13: 978-0719057342
  • Furedi, Frank. 1999. Consuming Democracy: Activism, Elitism and Political Apathy, ESEF The European Science and Environment Forum online 15 November.
  • Frank Furedi, ‘A Sociology of Health Panics’ in Lorraine Mooney and Roger Bate (eds.), Environmental Health; Third World Problems - First World Preoccupations, Butterworth -Heinemann, 1999, ISBN-13: 978-0750642231 (publication of the European Science and Environment Forum)
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Risk and Risk Society - exchange between Ulrich Beck and Frank Furedi’, Prometheus, no.1, Winter 1999.


  • Frank Furedi, 'Reproductive Health of Population Policy?’ in Cecily Kelleher and Ricca Edmondson (eds), Health Promotion: Multi-Discipline or New Discipline, Irish Academic Press, 2000, ISBN-13: 978-0716526575
  • Frank Furedi, 'Sociological Perceptions of Race Mixing’ in David Parker and Miri Song (eds), Rethinking 'Race Mixing', Pluto Press, 2001, ISBN-13: 978-0745315676
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The Social Construction of the British Bullying Epidemic’ in J. Best (ed.) Cross-National Diffusion of Social Problems Claims, Aldine de Gruyter, 2001.
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The Silent Ascendancy of Therapeutic Culture in Britain’, Society, vol.39, no.3, March/April 2002.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Refusing to be Terrorised; Managing Risk After September 11th', Global Futures Report, 2002
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Drug Control and the Ascendancy of Britain’s Therapeutic Culture’, in James L Nolan (ed) Drug Courts in Theory and in Practice, 2002, ISBN-13: 978-0202307121
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Creating Fear: News and the Construction of Crisis’. Book review in the American Journal of Sociology, Volume: 108, Issue: 2, Pages: 525-526, September 2002.
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Downsizing of Intellectual Authority’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 172-178, ISSN 1369-8230 print/1743-8772 online, Winter 2003
  • Frank Furedi, (Foreword) Democracy and Participation: New Social Movements in Liberal Democracies, Merlin Press, 2003
  • Frank Furedi, 'Reflections on the Medicalisation of Social Experience - A Reply to Phillip Hodson', British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Vol. 32, No. 3, August 2004
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Introduction to Some Uncomfortable Realities’, Foreword to M Todd, G Taylor (eds), (2004), Democracy and Participation; Popular Protest and New Social Movements, Merlin Press: London, ISBN-13: 978-0850365382
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The Formalisation of Relationships in Education’, in Dennis Hayes (ed), (2004), The Routledge Falmer Guide to Key Debates in Education, Routledge: London, ISBN-13: 978-0415332446
  • Frank Furedi, 'Promiscuity of Choice’, Society, vol.41, no.4, p.57-59, 2004
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Always On, Changing Britain’ in Always On, Changing Britain, European Media Forum, 2004. (A sociological analysis of the role of broadband).
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Crossing The Boundary: The Marginal Man’ in Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe (ed), (2004), 'Mixed Race', Studies: A Reader, Routledge: London, ISBN-13: 978-0415321648


  • Frank Furedi, 'Treat employees like adults', Harvard Business Review, Volume: 83, Issue: 5, Page: 22, 2005.
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Terrorism and the Politics of Fear’, Chapter 15, in C Hale, K Hayward, A Wadhini, E Wincup (eds), Criminology, 2005, Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0199270361
  • K Ecclestone, D Hayes, F Furedi. 2005. Knowing me, knowing you: the rise of therapeuticprofessionalism in the education of adults, Studies in the Education of Adults, 37, 2, 182‐200. ISSN:0266‐0830
  • Frank Furedi, 'New Dimensions of a Market in Fear’ in R Havidan, E Quarantelli, R Dynes (2006) (eds) Handbook of Disaster Research, Springer : New York, ISBN-13: 978-0387323312
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Legacy of Humanism’ in D Cummings, (2006) (ed) Debating Humanism, Imprint Academic : Exeter, ISBN-13: 978-1845400699
  • Frank Furedi, 'The End of Professional Dominance', Society, vol.43, no.6, pages: 14-18, 2006
  • Frank Furedi, 'Our overdeveloped sense of vulnerability (industrialised development, suburban megalopolis)', Architectural Design, Issue: 179, Pages: 72-76, 2006.
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Changing Meaning of Disaster’, Area; Journal of the Royal Geographic Society, vol.39, no.4, 2007.
  • Frank Furedi, ‘The Rules of Fear’ in Kate Hebblethwaite & Elizabeth McCarthy (eds) Fear: Essays on the Meaning and Experience of Fear, Four Courts Press Dublin, pp.18-30, 2007, ISBN-13: 978-1846820700
  • Frank Furedi, 'Do Academics Still Think' in H De Burgh, A Fazackerley, J Black (eds) Can The Prizes Still Glitter?, University of Buckingham Press, 2007, ISBN-13: 978-0955464201
  • Frank Furedi, 'Coping With Adversity: The Turn to the Rhetoric of Vulnerability', Security Journal, April 2007, ISSN: 0955-1662
  • Frank Furedi, ‘From the Narrative of the Blitz to the Rhetoric of Vulnerability’, Cultural Sociology, Volume 1, Number 2, July 2007, ISSN: 1749-9755
  • Frank Furedi, ‘Medicalisation in a Therapy Culture’ in David Wainwright (ed), A Sociology of Health, Sage Publications: London, 2008, ISBN-13: 978-1412921589
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Culture of Calamity: Disaster and the Making of Modern America', Cultural Sociology, Volume: 2, Issue: 3, Pages: 414-416, 2008.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Fear and Security: A Vulnerability-led Policy Response', Social Policy & Administration, Volume: 42, Issue: 6, Pages: 645-661, 2008.
  • Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow Licensed to Hug: How child protection policies are poisoning the relationship between the generations and damaging the voluntary sector, London: Civitas, June 2008. 'This publication has been made possible by a grant from the Nigel Lord Vinson Charitable Trust'
  • Frank Furedi, 'The politicization of life style', Society, Volume: 45, Issue: 5, Pages: 433-435, 2008.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Making sense of suicide missions', Contemporary Sociology - A Journal of Reviews, Volume: 37, Issue: 1, Pages: 66-67, 2008.
  • Frank Furedi, Roger Kimball, Raymond Tallis, Edited by Robert Whelan, From Two cultures to No culture, March 2009, London: Civitas.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Don't Touch! The Educational Story of a Panic', British Journal of Educational Studies, Volume: 57, Issue: 4, Pages: 442-443, 2009.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Extending a Life with Meaning', Society, Volume: 46, Issue: 3, Pages: 235-236, 2009.


  • Frank Furedi, 'The Americanization Of Social Science: Intellectuals And Public Responsibility In The Post-War United States', British Journal of Sociology, Volume: 61, Issue: 2, Pages: 390-391, 2010.
  • Frank Furedi, 'The Culture of Calamity: Disaster and the Making of Modern America', Cultural Sociology, Volume: 4, Issue: 1, Pages: 160-162, 2010.

Popular press, Magazines articles (including the next step and Living Marxism/LM) and web publications



  • Linda Ryan 'What's the big Idea?', Living Marxism, November 1988, No. 1, p. 3.
  • Frank Richards, 'Revolutions don't come from above', Living Marxism, November 1988, No. 1, p. 6-10.
  • Frank Richards, 'Zionism and Anti Semitism', Living Marxism, No. 2 - December 1998, p. 14.


  • Linda Ryan, 'Off with the Old', Living Marxism, No. 3 - January, p. 7.
  • Frank Richards, 'Death-Squad Eonomics', Living Marxism, No. 3 - January, p. 32.
  • Linda Ryan, 'Silent voices: The omerta factor', Living Marxism - No. 4 - February, p. 3.
  • Frank Richards, 'Can capitalism go Green?', Living Marxism, No. 4 - February, p. 18.
  • Frank Richards, 'The dictator in Downing Street', Living Marxism, No. 5 - March, p. 18.
  • Linda Ryan, 'Living dangerously', Living Marxism, No. 6 - April, p. 6.
  • Frank Richards, 'Origins of the Third World War', Living Marxism, No. 6 - April, p. 16.
  • Linda Ryan, 'Designer terrorism', Living Marxism, No. 7 - May, p. 10.
  • Frank Richards, 'The myths behind Gorbymania', Living Marxism, No. 8 - June, p. 18.
  • Frank Richards, 'Vive le revolution', Living Marxism, No. 8 - June, p. 6.
  • Frank Richards, 'The past holds no answer', Living Marxism, No. 11 - September, p. 6.
  • Frank Richards, 'Red and Green don't go', Living Marxism, No. 12 - October 1989, p. 20.
  • Linda Ryan, 'The moors murderers', Living Marxism, No. 13 - November, p. 13.
  • Frank Richards, 'The West will Miss the Berlin Wall', Living Marxism, No. 14 - December 1989, p. 26.


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  • Linda Ryan, 'Then and now', Living Marxism, No. 15 - January, p. 36.
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  • Linda Ryan, 'Has socialism failed?', Living Marxism, No. 18 - April, p. 32.
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  • Frank Furedi, 'Out of the dark, into the light', Living Marxism, No. 21 - July, p. 26.
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  • Frank Furedi, 'Britain's national identity crisis', Living Marxism, No. 23 - September, p. 27.
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  • Linda Ryan, 'Where's the Guinness', Living Marxism, No. 24 - October, p. 34.
  • Frank Richards (1990) 'Midnight in the Century', Living Marxism, No. 26, December, pp. 34-8.


  • Linda Ryan, 'A thin gloss of greatness', Living Marxism, No. 27 - January, p. 8.
  • Frank Furedi, 'The end of the world order is nigh', Living Marxism, No. 27 - January, p. 28.
  • Frank Furedi, 'Britain's national identity crisis', Living Marxism, No. 28 - February, p. 24.
  • Frank Richards, 'Settling accounts with the past', Living Marxism, No. 30 - April, p. 29.
  • Linda Ryan, 'Beating boredom by taking control', Living Marxism, No. 31 - May, p. 16.
  • Frank Richards, 'The importance of being anti imperialist', Living Marxism, No. 33 - July, p. 30-34.
  • Frank Richards, 'Realising the human potential', Living Marxism, No. 35 - September, p. 24.
  • Frank Richards, 'The Good West and the Evil East', Living Marxism, No. 36 - October 1991, p. 24.
  • Frank Richards, 'Militant and Labour', Living Marxism, No. 36 - October 1991, p. 33.
  • Frank Richards, 'The underclass: a race apart?', Living Marxism, No. 36 - November 1991, p. 30.



























Interviews with Furedi


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