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Special Advisors to the Liberal-Conservative Coalition Government 2010

The UK government spent £6.8 million on special advisors in the Financial Year 2009-2010. This page lists the current governments special advisors, by department as of June 2010.[1]

Prime Minister

Andy Coulson | Edward Llewellyn | Kate Fall | Jonny Oates | Gabby Bertin | Tim Chatwin | Steve Hilton | Polly Mackenzie | Henry Macrory | James O'Shaughnessy | Liz Sugg | Peter Campbell | Sean Kemp | Gavin Lockhart | Michael Salter | Rohan Silva | Sean Worth | James McGrory

Deputy Prime Minister

Lena Pietsch | Richard Reeves | Alison Suttie | Chris Saunders

Secretary of State

Arminka Helic | Denzil Davidson


Rupert Harrison | Eleanor Shawcross | Ramesh Chhabra | Poppy Mitchell-Rose

Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice

David Hass | Kathryn Laing

Home Office

Fiona Cunningham | Nick Timothy


Luke Coffey | Oliver Waghorn

Business Innovation & Skills

Katie Waring | Giles Wilkes

Work and Pensions

Susie Squire | Philippa Stroud

Energy and Climate Change

Duncan Brack | Joel Kenrick


Jenny Parsons


Henry de Zoete | Elena Narozanski

Communities and Local Government

Giles Kenningham | Sheridan Westlake


Sian Jones | Paul Stephenson

Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Simon Cawte | Will Littlejohn

International Development

Phillipa Buckley | Richard Parr

Northern Ireland

Jonathan Caine


Willie Rennie


Culture, Media, the Olympics & Sport

Sue Beeby | Adam Smith

Chief Secretary

Will De Peyer

Minister Without Portfolio

Leader of the House of Lords

Flo Coleman

Cabinet Office, Paymaster General

Laura Trott

Minister of State Cabinet Office

Martha Varney

Minister of State, Universities & Business

Nick Hillman

Leader of the House of Commons

Robert Riddell

Chief Whip

Chris White | Ben Williams


  1. Written Ministerial Statement, List of Special Advisors, Prime Minister, 10-June-2010

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