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Gabrielle Bertin (Baroness Bertin) is director of strategic communications and campaigns at British telecoms giant BT.

In September 2016, Bertin became the youngest member of the House of Lords [1], nominated under David Cameron's resignation honours list in September 2016. [2]

Previous employment

Inside No.10 Downing Street

Bertin previously served as press secretary to Cameron while he served as Conservative Party leader[3], a role which she retained when he was elected as prime minister. While on maternity leave in mid-November 2012, she was replaced by Susie Squire.

Upon her return to Downing Street in Aug2013,13 , Bertin was appointed as director of external relations. [4] In this role, she was be 'responsible for forging – and maintaining Downing Street’s – relations with business, pressure groups and charities.' [5][6]

Pharma-funded lobby group

Bertin previously worked in the House of Commons for Liam Fox MP on the think tank Atlantic Bridge. Her salary was paid for by Pfizer.

From the House of Commons register of interests in 2007:

'I work exclusively for the Atlantic Bridge, a UK-American think-tank of which my sponsor, Dr Liam Fox, is a founder member. In this role I receive funding from Pfizer Inc. I have no function in any health role (Dr Fox is Shadow Secretary of State for Health). I also do occasional work from home for Parker, Poe, Adams & Bernstein (an American law firm based in North Carolina).' [7]


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