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Alison Suttie is party whip for the Liberal Democrats and a member of the Foreign Affairs team. [1]

In September 2013 Suttie was made a life peer in the House of Lords and given the title Baroness Suttie. [2]

In 2006 Alison was head of the Liberal Democrat Leader's Office, working for Sir Menzies Campbell, Vince Campbell and Nick Clegg.[1] [3]

She was also deputy chief of staff to the Deputy Prime Minister from May 2010 to October 2011.[1]

As well as working at Westminster, Alison also has ten years of experience at the European Parliament where she gained an in-depth knowledge of Brussels politics and the EU institutions. She was press secretary to the president of the European Parliament, Pat Cox MEP, from 2002 to 2004 and worked extensively in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the run-up to their accession to the European Union.


Suttie is a long-standing member of staff, having worked for the Liberal Democrats for several years before relocating to Brussels to work for the Liberal group in the European Parliament. While there, she became press officer to Pat Cox during his presidency in the Parliament. In 2006, she returned to London to work for former Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Menzies Campbell. She was the only senior staff member to be retained when Clegg assumed leadership[4]

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