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Workers Against Racism an RCT/RCP front group, published Ghost Town October 1981 some four months after the song of the same name was released by the Coventry based group The Specials.

Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets was a short lived series of pamphlets published by the Revolutionary Communist Tendency and then the Revolutionary Communist Party from 1977 to 1982. In all 13 pamphlets were published and the series ended shortly after the RCT became the RCP in 1981..

'Workers against imperialism : the British labour movement and Ireland'. Revolutionary Communist Tendency, May 1979
Cover of Ireland's Victory Means Britain's Defeat: the Role of the Labour Movement (Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets) Revolutionary Communist Tendency 1980 Junius Publications Ltd 24p.
South London Workers Against Racism pamphlet 1981

East London Workers Against Racism, pamphlet published in April 1981

Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets

This series began life as 'Revolutionary Communist Tendency Pamphlets' in 1977. There appear to have been two publications in the series before the word 'Tendency' was dropped. The series continued from number two with the first publication being a second edition of the second pamphlet from the first series.[1]

RCT Pamphlets

Revolutionary Communist Pamphlets


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