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Renewal is a New Labour friendly journal set up by lobbyist Neal Lawson, and first published 'in 1993 in the wake of Labour's fourth successive general election defeat. Its goal was to contribute to the modernisation of the Labour Party necessary to win at the polls and begin the process of transforming British society.'[1]


Nina Temple is on the board of the New Labour journal Renewal, which was housed in Tim Bell's offices (Lord Tim Bell attended a planning meeting with Thatcher and Brian Crozier). Its editor Neal Lawson worked for Lowe Bell before starting LLM Communications. LLM was one of the New Labour Lobbyist companies exposed by Greg Palast's 'Lobbygate' secrets-for-cash scandal. [2]


From the publishers Lawrence and Wishart website:

Renewal is a quarterly journal unashamedly committed to political modernisation. The issue facing party members is what form modernisation should take now that we have successfully reconnected with the electorate.
Renewal is in broad agreement with leadership but is keen that the opportunity for a more ambitious and radical agenda is pursued. This is important both to help ensure that we win the next election and so that we use that historic second term to deliver the kind of progressive transformation of our society and economy that matches our democratic socialist ideals. There are three basic pillars to the kind of 'left modernisation' that Renewal broadly supports:
  • An economic policy that is primarily egalitarian
  • A social policy that is liberal
  • A political system that is pluralist
Tony Blair has given Renewal great support. In return we offer him critical, constructive dialogue about the ideas and policies necessary to transform Britain.
Renewal now has the critical resources, and the reputation and base in new Labour (the editorial advisory board includes Tony Blair, Robin Cook, Clare Short and David Miliband), to provide the kind of thoughtful contribution that will enable its readers to be at the heart of the debates on new Labour's strategy and performance in government.
In the recent past you could have read in Renewal: Tony Blair on Labour's political purpose after the election; Robin Cook on 21st century radicalism; Judith Church on the new women MPs; Geoff Mulgan, Carey Oppenheim and Andrew Gamble on Labour strategy; and European perspectives from the German SPD, Sweden's social democrats and the Italian government's left coalition.


Editorial Board - Circa 2009

Editorial Advisory Board

Lord Bassam | Tony Blair (MP) | Robin Cook (MP) | Caroline Flint MP | Anthony Giddens (LSE) | Patricia Hewitt MP | Prof Paul Hirst (Birkbeck College) | Margaret Hodge MP | Prof Bob Jessop (Lancaster University) | Alan Johnson MP | Ruth Kelly MP | Prof Ernesto Laclau (Essex University) | Mark Lazarowicz | Prof David Marquand | Alan Milburn MP | David Miliband | John Monks (TUC) | David Pitt Watson | Anita Pollack | Prof David Robertson (Liverpool John Moores University) | Prof Michael Rustin (University of East London) | Prof Martin Shaw (Sussex University) | Clare Short MP | Matthew Taylor (Director IPPR) | Nina Temple | Prof Sally Tomlinson (Oxford University) | Carol Tongue | Tony Wright MP |

Editorial board circa 2012

Associate editors

Bill Blackwater | Rachel Briggs | Michael Calderbank | Selina Chen | Sarah Jayne Clifton | James Crabtree | Will Davies | Sally Davison | Gerry Hassan | Alan Finlayson | David Floyd | Ben Jackson | Fiona Mactaggart MP | Alan MacDougall | Catherine Needham | Maria Neophytou | Hetan Shah | Robin Wilson

Editorial Advisory Board

Anthony Barnett | Martin Bright | Madeleine Bunting | Robin Cook MP (1946-2005) | Jon Cruddas MP | John Denham MP | John Harris | David Held | Paul Hirst (1946-2003) | Helena Kennedy | Ruth Lister | David Marquand | David Miliband MP | Ed Miliband MP | Fiona Millar | John Monks | Geoff Mulgan | David Pitt Watson | Steve Richards | Michael Rustin | Richard Sennett | Robert Taylor | Sally Tomlinson | Jon Trickett MP | Roberto Unger | Stuart White | Erik Olin Wright | Tony Wright MP[3]

Editorial board 2016

Commissioning Editors

Tom Barker | Alex Campsie | Claudia Chwalisz | Joe Guinan | Sarah Hutchinson | Amina Lone | Martin O'Neill | Emily Robinson

Editorial Advisory Board

Alan Finlayson (chair)]] | Anthony Barnett | Bill Blackwater | Rachel Briggs | Michael Calderbank | Robin Cook MP (1946-2005) | James Crabtree | Stella Creasy MP | Jon Cruddas MP | Will Davies | Sally Davison | John Denham | David Floyd | Sue Goss | John Harris | Gerry Hassan | Paul Hirst (1946-2003) | Alice Hood | Helena Kennedy | Ben Jackson | | Alan MacDougall | David Marquand | Gregg Mcclymont | Martin McIvor | Ed Miliband MP | Lisa Nandy MP | Catherine Needham | Maria Neophytou | Martin O’Neill | John Park | Rachel Reeves MP | Steve Richards | Mike Rustin | Richard Sennett | Marc Stears | Robert Taylor | Paul Thompson | Sally Tomlinson | Jon Trickett MP | Chuka Umunna MP | Roberto Unger | Stuart White | Stewart Wood | Robin Wilson[4]

Lobbying firms

Former lobbying firms




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