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Welcome to the Neoconservatives Portal on Powerbase - your guide to networks of power, lobbying and deceptive PR

According to leading neoconservative Irving Kristol, it is a movement of liberals "mugged by reality". Stephen J. Sniegoski reports that "the term was coined by socialist Michael Harrington as a derisive term for leftists and liberals who were migrating rightward. Many of the first generation neoconservatives were originally liberal Democrats or even socialists and Marxists, often Trotskyites. Most originated in New York, and most were Jews. They drifted to the right in the 1960s and 1970s as the Democratic Party moved to the anti-war McGovernite left."[1]

The Neoconservatives portal focuses on:

  • Europeans who self-identify as neoconservatives or who have been heavily influenced by the US neoconservative tradition.
  • Europeans involved in projects and organisations with significant neoconservative participation, or which reflect a neoconservative ethos. The origins of the neoconservatives are closely entwined with Cold War political warfare networks which sought to enlist a spectrum of European actors in support of US policies. US-based neoconservatives have drawn on this tradition to construct heterogeneous and at times conflicting alliances extending from the far-right to the liberal-left.
Former President George W. Bush former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (center) and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (left) Photo: R.D Ward

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21st Century

Key actors

Key US neoconservatives

Policy makers

Elliott Abrams | Kenneth Adelman | William Bennett | John Bolton | Douglas Feith | Jeane Kirkpatrick | I. Lewis Libby | Richard Perle | Paul Wolfowitz | James Woolsey | David Wurmser


Robert Bartley | David Brooks | Charles Krauthammer | William Kristol | Bret Stephens | Norman Podhoretz


Fouad Ajami | Elliot Cohen | Aaron Friedberg | Bernard Lewis | Ruth Wedgwood

Think-tank pundits

Max Boot | David Frum | Reuel Marc Gerecht | Robert Kagan | Michael Ledeen | Joshua Muravchik | Daniel Pipes | Danielle Pletka | Michael Rubin | Meyrav Wurmser

US Neoconservative Institutions


Commentary | New York Sun | Wall Street Journal | Weekly Standard

Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups

American Enterprise Institute | Center for Security Policy | Hudson Institute | Foundation for Defense of Democracies | Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs | Middle East Forum | Project for a New American Century | Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Neoconservatives in the UK

Key individuals

Dean Godson | Douglas Murray


Standpoint magazine

Think Tanks and Advocacy Groups

Centre for Social Cohesion | Henry Jackson Society Project for Democratic Geopolitics | Policy Exchange


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  1. Stephen J. Sniegoski, The Transparent Cabal, Enigma Editions, Norfolk, Virginia, 2008,p25.