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Max Shachtman (1904-1972) was a leader of American Trotskyism, before splitting with Trotsky in the late 1930s.[1]

After splitting with Trotsky over the latter's support for the Soviet Union in the Russo-Finnish War, Shachtman formed the Workers Party. In 1948, the Party was renamed the Independent Socialist League (ISL).

In 1953, Shachtman helped Michael Harrington instigate the Young People's Socialist League (YPSL)'s split with its parent organisation, the Socialist Party. The following year, the YPSL merged with the ISL's Socialist Youth League to form the Young Socialist League.[2]

In 1958, the ISL successfully challenged its inclusion on the US Attorney-General's Subversive List.[1]

In late 1958, the ISL dissolved itself into the Socialist Party which had newly merged with the Social Democratic Federation.[3]


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