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How do I report that something isn't working properly?

If you think it's a bug in the software (for example, if it happens in two different web browsers), you can send a bug report to the Powerbase editor by email to management AT Powerbase.org.

Is it possible for a vandal to delete all pages?

Not really. You need to be an administrator to permanently and totally delete pages. Any other users could remove the text of a page, but any other user could restore the text from the history archive. If someone did an extensive attack, they could be blocked from further editing by the admins. Moreover, we are keeping backups of the server itself.

Is allowing lots of people to edit pages safe? What if someone contributes or writes something that might be defamatory?

Contributors should refer to Powerbase:Editorial Policy and its Resolution of disputes section. Further information about this concern is available at http://www.eff.org and at the "Communications Decency Act" entry on Wikipedia.

What is the best way to link into Powerbase from another site?

To link to the front page, the preferred URL is http://www.Powerbase.info/

Is there a place where people ask for new entries?

On the Powerbase:Requested articles page you can ask for a specific article to be created. The Most Wanted page lists nonexistent articles that other articles have link to.

Is there any peer review process to validate the data that is displayed?

We are all peers here, and we all review each other's work.

How is Powerbase backed up? Is it possible that an accident could destroy all this data?

We make periodic dumps into a database customized for Powerbase backup.