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Strategy of Collaboration to Promote Israel

In 2006, Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (Bicom) agreed to lead a 3-year multimillion pound 'action plan' in collaboration with existing organisations engaged in pro-Israel advocacy which include the Jewish Leadership Council, the Community Security Trust and 'all three major political Friends of Israel groups'. Their aim is to promote Israel's image whilst also setting an agenda for the entire pro-Israel community. The strategy includes focusing on 'educating' Britain’s leaders about the importance of the shared values between Israel and Britain (promoting Israel as a 'sister society' to the UK[1]) and to 'change perceptions' about Israel through promoting a focus on aspects such as environmental issues, hi-tech innovations and medical advances. Also pushing 'soft' stories such as the London woman who “married” a dolphin in Eilat[2]. This project was initially 'conceived with notionally unlimited funding'[3].

Chief Executive Jeremy Newmark of The Jewish Leadership Council's states their role as being "one of strategic oversight, ensuring that communal organisations work collaboratively, harnessing their individual strengths and expertise, to deliver the most effective results.” [4]

Meeting with American Jewish Committee

In 2006, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) report meeting with the Jewish Leadership Council in 'an effort to strengthen AJC’s ties to British Jewry'

The report states that:

'AJC President E Robert Goodkind led a leadership delegation to London to meet with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main community organizing body for British Jews, as well as with the Community Service Trust and the newly formed Jewish Leadership Council. The group also met with British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, longtime Jewish community leaders Lord Greville Janner and Sir Trevor Chinn, and with leadership from the Reform, Liberal and Conservative Masorti movements. In addition, the group held meetings with those Members of Parliament who initiated a serious parliamentary investigation of anti-Semitism, and with younger leaders of Conservative Friends of Israel and Labour Friends of Israel. AJC Board members Stanley Bergman and Peter Rosenblatt joined Goodkind on the mission[5].

Lobbying for universal jurisdiction changes

After a number of arrest warrants had been issued in Britain for senior Israeli military and political figures against whom there was evidence of war crimes - including Tzipi Livni in 2009 - the Israeli government put pressure on Britain (and a number of other European countries where similar situations had arisen) to change universal jurisdiction law. Livni and others had to cancel trips to the UK for fear of arrest.

While then Labour Foreign Minister David Miliband reportedly expressed outrage at the arrest warrant issued for Livni and pledged to change the law[6], it was not until after the 2010 election that the Police Reform Bill - containing a clause making the Director of Public Prosecutions (rather than any judge) responsible for issuing war crimes arrest warrants - was put to parliament. When Labour MPs including Vernon Coaker proposed amendments in the Commons which could have preserved the existing application of universal jurisdiction, the Jewish Leadership Council was reportedly on hand to lobby against the amendments - and achieved success. The Jewish Chronicle reports:

The Jewish Leadership Council was forced to issue a briefing to Labour MPs after Opposition whips told them the Jewish community had no problem with Mr Coaker's amendment.
A source close to the JLC expressed satisfaction that the bill has passed another stage of its passage through parliament but added: "We are not counting our chickens. This has been a real rollercoaster."[7]


The JLC’s current constituent members are:[8]

BICOM | Board of Deputies of British Jews | Camp Simcha | Chai Cancer Care | CST | The Fed | Jami | Jewish Care | Jewish Museum London | Jewish Women’s Aid | Jewish Volunteering Network | JW3 | Kisharon | Langdon | Lead | Liberal Judaism | Leeds Jewish Representative Council | London Jewish Forum | Maccabi GB | Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester | Masorti Judaism | Mitzvah Day | Movement for Reform Judaism | Nightingale Hammerson | Norwood | Partnerships for Jewish Schools | S&P Sephardi Community | University Jewish Chaplaincy | UJIA | Union of Jewish Students | United Synagogue | WIZO | Work Avenue | World Jewish Relief | Zionist Federation of Great Britain & Ireland | Zionist Youth Council


Sources of funding

Recipients of funding



Chief executive

Jeremy Newmark[9]

Vice Presidents

Sir Victor Blank, Sir Trevor Chinn CVO, David Cohen, Stanley Fink, Henry Grunwald, Greville Janner, Howard Leigh, Leo Noé, Harry Woolf[9]

Chair of the Council Membership

Vivian Wineman[9]

Council Membership

Bill Benjamin | Lucille Cohen | David Dangoor | Mick Davis | Alex Dwek | Simon Hochhauser | Lucian J. Hudson | Brian Kerner | Nigel Layton | Steven Lewis | James Libson | Stephen Moss CBE | Bernie Myers | Gerald M. Ronson | Harvey Rosenblatt | Michele Vogel | Vivian Wineman | Poju Zabludowicz | Stephen Zimmerman[9]


Chief executive

Simon Johnson[10]

Vice Presidents

Leo Noé | Victor Blank | Trevor Chinn | Daniel Finkelstein | Henry Grunwald | Jonathan Kestenbaum | Howard Leigh | Julia Neuberger | Monroe Palmer | Michele Vogel | Harry Woolf[11]


Mick Davis | Jonathan Arkush | Bill Benjamin | Adrian Cohen | Ruth Green | Debra Fox | Leo Noé | Steven Lewis | James Lisbon | Edward Misrahi | Stephen Pack | Gerald Ronson | Robert Weiner[12]

Council Membership

Mark Addlestone | Jonathan Arkush | Bill Benjamin | Hannah Brady | Adrain Cohen | David Dangoor | David Ereira | Debra Fox | Nick Gendler | Phlip Goldberg | Uri Goldberg | Jonathan Goldstein | Michael Goldstein | Lucian Hudson | Simon Jackson | Jonathan Josepth | Brian Kerner | Steven Lewis | James Lisbon | Edward Misrahi | Stephen Pack | Michele Pollock | Gerald Ronson | Harvey Rosenblatt | Amos Schonfield | Julian Taylor | Miles Webber | Robert Weiner | Hilda Worth | Lord David Young | Michael Ziff[13]

Operations Division

Natasha Glass | Laurence Rosenthal[10]

External Affairs Division

Bernard Hughes | Yoni Zlotogorski | Philip Gardner[10]

Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) Division

Rabbi David Meyer | Lira Winston | Rabbi Eli Kohn | Dalia Wittenberg | Yolande Kerbel | Samantha Benson | Lelia Rainhartz | Caroline Garfinkel | Jessica Boxer | Lizzie Caplan | Raisel Freedman[10]

Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development (Lead) Division

Nicky Goldman | Karen Danker[10]



Claudia Mendoza - Co-Chief executive and Director of Policy & Public Affairs | Michelle Janes - Co-Chief Executive and Executive Director of Lead | Adam Langleben - Head of Communications & Political Adviser | Russell Langer - Head of Policy and Research | Daniel Kosky - Director of the London Jewish Forum (a joint project of the JLC and Board of Deputies) | Marc Levy - North West and West Midlands Regional Manager and Chief Executive of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region | Josie Richardson - Digital Content Officer | Leo Brosh - Yorkshire, East Coast and East Midlands Regional Manager[14]

Vice Presidents

Ros Altmann | Luciana Berger | Howard Bernstein | Julian Blake | Victor Blank | Trevor Chinn | David Dangoor | Louise Ellman | Daniel Finkelstein | Henry Grunwald | Robert Halfon | Helen Hyde | Moshe Kantor | Jonathan Kestenbaum | Daniel Korski | Howard Leigh | Julia Neuberger | Monroe Palmer | Karen Pollock | Michele Vogel[15]


Jonathan Goldstein | Mark Adlestone | Keith Black | Debra Fox | Louise Jacobs | Michael Goldstein | Laura Marks | Mark Morris | Marie van der Zyl | Hilda Worth | Suzi Woolfson | Jonathan Zenios[16]

Council Membership

Bernard Yaffe | Sarah Anticoni | Keith Black | Russell Conn | Richard Woolf | Emma Rozenberg | Debra Fox | Philip Goldberg | Uri Goldberg | Jonathan Goldstein | Michael Goldstein | Louise Hager | Nigel Henry | Lisa Baker | Nina Freedman | Ruth Seager | Louise Jacobs | Neville Kahn | Adam Dawson | Melvin Lawson | Jonathan Zenios | Laura Marks | Robert Wiltshire | Robert Perlman | Mark Morris | Michael Marx | Annabel Steltzer | David Pinnick | Maurice Helfgott | Imi Wise | Julian Taylor | Marie van der Zyl | Madeleine Abramson | Nick Viner | Elliott Goldstein | Sabah Zubaida | Daniel Levy[17]

Operations Division

Natasha Glass - Head of Operations & PA to CEO | Laurence Rosenthal - Programme Manager[14]

External Affairs Division

Marc Levy - North West & West Midlands | Leo Brosh - Yorkshire, East Coast and East Midlands[14]

Membership Engagement and Strategy

Michelle Mitchell - Head of Strategic Collaboration | Orit Cantor - Membership Manager[14]

Lead (Leadership Development Division)

Michelle Janes - Executive Director | Cheryl Brodie - Learning & Organisation Development Consultant | Laurence Rosenthal - Programme & Finance Executive | Miriam Lorie - Lead Consultant | Larry Shulman - Dangoor Senior Leadership Programme Director | Simon Rickman - Leadership Development Consultant[18]

Partnerships for Jewish Schools

Rabbi David Meyer - Executive Director | Nic Abery - School Cluster Co-Ordinator | Samantha Benson - Director of Education | Lizzie Caplan - Primary Chumash Co-ordinator | Esther Colman - Primary Jewish Studies Advisor | Nicole Davila - Finance Officer | Raisel Freedman - Executive Assistant and Special Projects | Caroline Garfinkel - Leadership Programmes Co-ordinator | Nicola Green - PA to Michael Pollak | Shai Grosskopf - Secondary School Ivrit Advisor | Marni Levy - Fundraising & Communications Manager | Alison Maurice - Office Manager & Training Co-ordinator | Harriet Miller | - PA To Rabbi Meyer | Michael Pollak - Secondary Schools Project Co-ordinator | Sharon Radley - Director of JTracks for Secondary Schools | Lira Winston - Assistant Director | Dalia Wittenberg - Primary Ivrit Advisory Teacher[19]


Shelley Marsh - Executive Director[20]


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